Fun Things to Do With Your Kids in Copenhagen

Travelling with children can be quite tough sometimes. And with Copenhagen that is known to be an elegant and trendy city you may have second thoughts but no, there are many cool things that you can enjoy with your children. In fact, it is so kid-friendly that you can reserve special places for children on buses and trains, and many restaurants offer special kids menus. Honestly, for a great weekend with your family, you should start trying to find cheap flights to Copenhagen for sure.


Louisiana Museum

This is a museum dedicated to modern art and offers a special kids area from age 4 to 16, where they can take part in special workshops. This will allow them to explore the unique methods of artists and architects, learning about painting, sculpting, and drawing. It’s a fun combination of learning and playing. Of course, any child under 6 is required to be accompanied by an adult. After they are done with the workshop they can go and enjoy some snacks in the museum café.


If you happen to have a mini scientist as your child, then you can head over here. This science centre houses high quality exhibits that visitors are allowed to interact and experiment with. With such an innovative attitude towards science, I doubt any kid will get bored. There are many little activities that will help children learn important things like solving logical or mathematical problems, learning how our 5 senses evolve with time and other such interesting things.

National Museum of Denmark

With a lot of cool exhibits a fascinating kids section, both children and adults will have a good time here. Allow your children to travel back in time as they can play dress up with vintage clothes! There are aprons and frocks and a cute sailor outfit all the way back from the 1920s. They can also attend an old-timey classroom with the staff playing the role of old-fashioned teachers. And since you’re in the land of the Vikings, they can have fun with dressing up like warriors and getting on a Viking boat. These activities are suitable for kids from 4 to 10 years old.

National Gallery of Denmark

Housing great art exhibits, I think it’s nice for kids as they can learn to appreciate art. If you visit on a Sunday, you can not only view the exhibits with the little ones, but you can also let them have fun in a special workshop. They are free to experiment with art and different art materials here. Under guidance from professional assistants and artists, they can even make their own painting or sculptor. And if they simply want to sketch then they can do that in a room dedicated to sketching, in fact, they are allowed to take inspirations from different sculptors available here. If your child is between the ages of 6 to 10 then you can enjoy some great art-related board games with them.

Food and fun

Paint and chat café

While you enjoy a nice cup of coffee and the children are given art supplies to create their own cute unique cup! The whole concept behind this atelier-café is to encourage that creative streak in people of all ages. Here while you enjoy a nice coffee and perhaps a snack, you can also create a personalized souvenir that you can not only decorate your house with but also have cool memories to boot!

Café Miao

Do you and your family like cats? If the answer is yes then you definitely have to visit here. Not only can you have a delicious cup of great coffee but also cuddle up with adorable cats. And don’t worry, I know one cat is never enough so here you’ll be enjoying the company of at least 10 cats while you get cosy here. Just be careful that your kids are nice to the cats. Otherwise, you can stay here however long you like and even eat cat-themed meals while a bunch of cats melts you with their cuteness.

Outdoor and parks


If you happen to visit in summer then you can enjoy the beautiful parks in Copenhagen along with the locals. You can get some delicious Smorrebrod sandwiches and have a great picnic here. The children can fool around in the playground or play some outdoor games with you. Personally, I really liked the King’s Garden. And if you wish to look at the sea as well then head to Amager Beach for a great time.

Bakken amusement park

Also known as the oldest park in the world, it has a lovely vintage vibe surrounding the fun adventurous rides that you and your kids can enjoy. The forest around is also perfect for a relaxing picnic. There are around 30 plus rides for all ages along with arcades and even a white-faced clown that visits the park every day to entertain the visitors. Here you can all enjoy the true Danish charm with the nostalgic feel of the park and great Danish cuisine restaurants. Best part? Entrance is free!

Tivoli Gardens

Honestly, this a must for everyone, whether travelling with family or solo. This iconic amusement park is suitable for all ages. Due to its popularity, it has become an internationally recognized hotspot. Even if you don’t want to try the thrilling rides, you can take a stroll around the spectacular gardens with marvellous flora. All the beautiful scenery with great weather makes it perfect for a picnic. Besides that, the children can challenge themselves from around 40 activities available in Petzi’s World play area. There are also play area for younger kids available here.


Did you know that Lego was pretty much investing in Demark? So yes, of course, there’s a huge theme park called Legoland dedicated to them! This park not only offers fun activities for your children but also for adults as well. With over 50 attractions and rides, a day may not be enough to explore it all. Here you can see amazing creations made from Legos and the rides are suitable for almost all ages. They even have cute mini versions of all the iconic places in Copenhagen among other things. However, it is located in Billund, which is at least 3-hour drive away from Copenhagen. There are buses though, that takes you right to the entrance of the park. If you’re staying for long, you can go for a second visit and have just as much fun as your first time there. I suggest you leave a bit early so you can enjoy most of your day here.


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