10 Of The Best UK Travel Blogs To Follow

If you love travelling then chances are that you also like to read about travelling. I remember a time when we had to browse through a travel magazine and make several trips to the bookstore in hope of finding that one book with great tips and tricks about travelling. Now, this is all easy thanks to travel blogs. Not that I don’t collect travel memoirs or travel guidebooks.

Virtual travel

Thanks to HD pictures and these blogs, it’s almost like going along with the writer. I tend to read a lot of travel blogs so I can plan my next trip better. Among many travel blogs from UK, I also happen to like the blog section of Dream World Travel. Of course, it’s more of a travel agency so I can’t add them here but their content is very interesting. I even got inspired to book flights from London to Thailand after reading an interesting blog post. Of course, I had to search more about the city on other travel blogs I follow, like follow the universe had wonderful posts about Thailand as well.

Finding the universe

This blog was started in 2010 by Laurence Norah to share his adventures with the world after he left the corporate world behind. Later it was joined by his wife Jessica, who also has a successful blog giving cool travel tips called the Independent Travel Cats. Now both blogs are run by both of them so you can check them both out for travel itinerary or for useful tips. As you may notice from those beautiful photographs, Laurence happens to be a lover of photography and he even gives a course to teach you. You can also contact him to buy awesome pictures of cool places!

Along Dusty Roads

Awarded the best travel blog in 2018, it’s all about savouring the joy of travelling. Founded by Andrew Sim and Emily Gough, you’ll be delighted with all the colourful pictures on their blog. It’s evident that they have a love for all the details in a new place and of course, photography. This is a very useful blog because they post details about their travels and fill it with really useful tips and give you a general idea of what you can expect. From road trips to places to stay, you’ll find all the info about that here.

Bruised Passports

Featured on many famous media portals and winning many awards, this travel blog is run by a husband and wife duo Savi Munjal and Vid Taneja who’ve been travelling around the world for the past 12 years. And you can find everything here related to travel. From itineraries to packing tips. Savi is the words while Vid is behind the photography. Together their lovely blogs will teleport to whichever new destination they’re visiting.

You Could Travel

Founded and run by another husband and wife duo, Cory and Gergely Varga, they left behind their IT jobs and the British weather to prove that despite your financial means, you can still manage to travel around the world. The best part about their blog is that they tend to explore the lesser known places in different countries so they give information you find in any other blog or guidebook. Really you can feel their passion for travelling through their well written and colourful posts.

Budget Traveller

Winning the best travel blog award back in 2017, this useful blog belongs to Kash Bhattacharya. Not only does the blog itself has a very sleek design but it’s full of useful tips about how you can have a lot of fun even on a limited budget. From travel guides to useful advice, if you travel on a budget this is the blog for you.

The Travel Hack

Founded by Monica Stott back in 2009 who was busy backpacking around Australia and Asia. Now a mother of two cute kids, her blog is all about travelling around the world with kids and still keep is savvy. This blog gives great travel tips and advice to parents especially.

Wanderlust Chloe

After quitting her stressful day job, Chloe started travel blogging back in 2014 and in 2016 The Stylist named her the top female travellers to follow on Instagram. Made for the audience between the ages of 25-35, this blog is all about having fun and making great memri4es with a touch of luxury.


10 years ago, this blog started off as an online diary and was founded by Carrie Santana da Silva. You can read about Carrie’s adventures around the world and find out the latest fashion trends. Each post is full of amazing photography. Just browsing through would make you want to travel and her fashion tips will help you stay stylish no matter what.

Global Grasshopper

Founded by Becky Moore who calls herself a restless soul, this travel blog is a bit unique because not only can you read Becky’s post but she encourages people to share their stories on her blog as well. And while you can find popular destinations on her blog, you can also find out about hidden gems and lesser-known places. Whether you wish for a more touristy adventure or a quiet immersive trip, you can find everything here. In fact, if you happen to travel around and have a story to share, contact her and see if you can post on her blog!

Hand Luggage Only

This fun travel blog was started by two friends, Yaya Onalaja-Aliu and Lloyd Griffiths in 2014. They met at uni and wanted to share their love for travel. This blog has quickly become quite popular over the recent years thanks to their amazing fun and charming personalities. Whether you’re looking for a good travel guide or simply some cool posts to satisfy your wanderlust while giving you a laugh or two, this blog is simply perfect. Just reading the about me section will give you an idea how charming these two gentlemen are. Plus they’re very appreciative of their fans so feel free to drop them a comment and they’re sure to reply with something sweet. The colourful photography plays a big part as well. You can also check out their travel photos on their Instagram and virtually travel around with them.


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