Tips For Solo Female Travellers

Even though travelling solo is known to be one of the most life-changing experience, as a woman, safety will be a constant worry for you while travelling abroad. Being away from home where gives you the freedom to do absolutely anything on your terms, will also remind you of the comfort that came with it. How, back at home, you were not filled with doubts and worries.

The media sphere while is trying to keep us updated, also worries us. It is less likely that you have never heard of reports about war, corruption, political misleading or famine. This constantly worries you if you are safe in your own country let alone outside of your country’s borders. You might even have heard about solo female travelers getting disappeared on their trips abroad. Such news often runs around on social media and some other news platforms. And if not media, then your friends and family will scare you, and you will be worried about leaving a bar late at night. You will constantly check for pepper spray in your bag. Solo traveling can plague the minds of a woman, especially because of the stigma that surrounds around women traveling solo and how dangerous it is. Traveling abroad solo as a female is considered as a taboo even today, in this age and day.

However, traveling alone is not as dangerous as the world exaggerate about on media. Therefore, if you have been planning a trip for quite some time but scared to seize the opportunity, keep reading the article. We have made a list of tips for solo female travelers. Most of the worries are myths, and we are here to tell you to stop trying to make plans with your friends over coffee and go book the cheapest flights to your favourite cities. Now you can take a peek inside your soul and learn yourself in a whole another way. You can travel alone, without worrying, and regardless of your gender. Just keep these few simple tips in your mind.

Always Research

The wise thing to do before choosing where to travel is to do some research. Try to find out the laws, rights, and situation of the city or country you are travelling to. Find out what kind of rights women have in that place, especially if you are travelling to a Middle Eastern country where there are restrictions on what women should wear, etc., like Saudi Arabia. Also, take note of the general crime-rate of the place, such as if you are travelling to Los Cabos, and check the state of public transport and if it’s safe to use it alone at night.

Stay connected with friends or family back home

Don’t forget to update your friends and friends about where you are going and what you are doing. The best way to be safe is to designate a friend or family member to stay connected with you on a regular basis so that they will be able to help you in case you get into trouble and assure your safety in a foreign place.

Avoid anything that might make you stand out

Always dress moderately and like how the locals do. That way, you can blend it and avoid getting unwanted attention. Wearing flashy or overly exposing clothes can put at risk, especially for theft.

Wear a fake wedding band

Now, I am sure you might find it weird but some countries men just won’t stop trying to pursue a tourist. A fake ring will make sure all the bad crowd is kept at bay.


Don’t forget that you might have to defend yourself so be ready for any situation. Most self-defence items are not allowed in aeroplanes and are taken off after a baggage check. However, you can always buy something as soon as you get to the city.

Don’t trust anyone easily

Since you’ll be alone, it’s best to remain defensive. Never go anywhere alone with a stranger under any circumstances.

Talk to Strangers but remember one ear is always listening

Yes, we have asked you not to trust anyone easily but that doesn’t mean you can’t talk to them. I mean how else will you make friends, or ask for directions? You might remember being told this hundred of times as a child, but now that you are older, you feel like this phrase is used just a little much. Obviously, when you are travelling solo to a foreign country, everyone you meet there is a stranger until either party makes an effort to get to know each other. You can’t really stay in a place without talking to anyone, how else will you meet the locals and learn about their cultures?

You will meet great people on your trip, some with very interesting stories to tell, some who will make your stay a little more fun and easier, and some friends who will be your friend even after you are back home. However, it is very important that you keep an eye open and remember that an ear should always be listening. That way, you can walk away from anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable, where you sense danger, or from a potential threat before something bad really happens.

You know you break that “don’t talk to strangers” law even when you use an Uber and talk to the Uber driver – sometimes even too much, but even with them, should you be careful.

Drink moderately

You are in an amazing tavern in Copenhagen, but what you should not forget is that you are travelling alone. This means you can have to stay conscious at all times, get an Uber and get home safely. So, drink moderately. Remember, staying sober is the key to avoid unfortunate events.

Try not to use your phone in the street

Some cities and even countries are known for their high street crime rates. Therefore, it’s better not to show off your fancy camera or the latest smartphone on the street. Locals can catch a tourist by their scent and you don’t want to grab that unwanted attention. Therefore, never use it in public if it’s an unsafe country. Try to find a private spot or some shop where you won’t grab unwanted attention.

Eat alone but look confident

You probably will not be the only woman eating alone in the restaurant. A lot of men and women travel alone and no one is going to bat an eye at you, unless you chew really loudly, that is.

Don’t panic: You can’t really fall into extreme dangers

You might have heard how many women have been lost or disappeared, raped and sold abroad. But don’t be scared. These are just myths. Most countries, even the war-ridden Palestine and Israel, take special care of their tourists as a country’s economy and reputation depend on it. With technology and the World Wide Web under your fingertip, you are as safe in a foreign country as you can be on your own street. Just keep your ears and eyes open, be careful, and you are good to go.

As a woman, you will be hearing a lot of “oh no’s” when you start planning to travel alone. You will constantly be told to rethink, which you will actually give you cold feet.

What to do when that happens?

If you are in doubt, you can always join a group or ask for a tour guide who can show you around so you don’t feel entirely alone, as well as unsafe in an unknown country.


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