Everything You Need To Know About Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour At Anfield

Taylor Swift will have her first England Eras Tour concert in Liverpool – Anfield, starting on the 13th, 14th and 15th of of June. The Eras Tourist has acquired so much fame through the Eras Tour, that aside from the massive revenue generated from ticket sales and other tour merchandise. Swifties spirits in Liverpool are high. You can tell from the atmosphere that the city is expecting the arrival of one of the most popular stars in the history of mankind. Speaking of revenue, it’s of funny to see that Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour has generated billions of dollars with a large chunk of the money coming from ticket sales, yet hundreds of thousands of Swifties, within the European Region, are still complaining about their inability to secure Eras Tour tickets.

In 2024, research by one “SURAT” blog estimated the Swifties have a fan base of 103.7992 million. Judging from how fast the ticket sales were in respective cities, especially Europe where tickets sold out in less than 3 hours, nothing contradicts this figure. According to Box Office, the revenue generated from the Eras Tour is precisely $1.039 billion. The amazing thing is that this amount is generated from just 60 shows and the Eras Tour is officially 151 shows or more. When you minus 60 from 151, you’ll be left with 91 shows to go. Do the math. If 60 shows generated $1 billion, and we have 91 shows left, that means the Eras Tour has close to $1.5 billion more to make.Besides, there’s no way $1.039 is the official number since Taylor Swift’s touring team is not making any public revelations on the revenue the Eras Tour has generated since the tour began in 2023.

All that is online at the moment are estimates since we know the number of people who have purchased Eras Tour tickets, and also how much a ticket to the tour is sold. Taylor Swift is currently on a break and will be in Australia for a 7-day show when she resumes. Even though we still have a long way to go before the Eras Tour reaches Liverpool, something about making hay while the sun shines makes us believe this is the appropriate time to tell y’all in Liverpool all you need to know about Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour at Anfield. Before we get down to business, it’s no cap that getting tickets to the Eras Tour is a hectic process. But, maybe it’s time you consider getting Taylor Swift Liverpool tickets from an alternative marketplace, while the sun shines.​


The Eras Tour is scheduled to be held in Liverpool – England for 3 days. This will be on the 13th, 14th, and also 15th of June this year. Make sure to get your tickets ready before then.

What You Can Bring To Anfield

If this is your first time attending a Taylor Swift concert, then this will serve as the perfect guide for things you can bring to Anfield where the Eras Tour concert is scheduled to be held in Liverpool, England.

Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets have become a tradition in all of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour. They connect Swifties while creating a bond that we believe is one of the things that has kept them strong. Additionally, you can use friendship bracelets to stamp memories between you and the people you share them with. JSYK, Taylor Swift met her beloved Travis Kelce after he tried giving her a friendship bracelet amidst the Eras Tour but failed. The rest is now history.


You can hold up signs at Taylor Swift’s Anfield Eras Tour concert. Just make sure the sign does not obstruct the view of another concert attendee. Also, for your sign to not be confiscated at the entrance, make sure it is light and not supported by either a pole or stick of any kind. Above all, do not endorse any characters or brands unrelated to the Eras Tour.


Binoculars will help you view every part of Taylor Swift’s performance regardless of where you are standing or sitting in Anfield. Do well to carry them along. Who knows, you might even get to see Taylor Swift being pushed to the stage in a cleaning cart IYKYK 😉

Digital Camera

While some people prefer using their smartphones to record every one of their moments and use the same phone to update their socials amidst the concert, we advise carrying along a small digital camera to use for recording, while using your smartphone for updating. This is a simple practice that can extend your device’s battery durability amidst the tour. Devices tend to overheat when the usage becomes too much. It’ll be awful for your phone to go off in the middle of the Eras Tour concert. Innit?

A4 Sized Bags

From experience, there turns out to be a need for a bag in most cases during concerts such as the Eras Tour. Sometimes, you may want to keep your phone inside, or your digital camera to boost convenience when your dancing. If that is the case, bringing along an A4-sized bag will come in handy.

What You Can’t Bring To Anfield

Now that you know some of what you can bring to Anfield, here’s what you cannot bring to Anfield…

Drugs And Alcohol

Drugs and alcohol are not allowed in Anfield. Drugs especially can cause you to lose access to the Eras Tour concert when found on you. Alcohol can only be purchased within the Stadium. So, make sure to bring your ID.


Weapons of any kind are not allowed into Anfield. So many things like; Tripods, selfie sticks, poles, and sticks fall under this category. If found on you, they can either be confiscated by the security, dumped by you or you lose access to the concert.

Big Umbrellas

Umbrellas are generally restricted on concert grounds because they can block the view of other concert attendees. You’ll have to do without this one for a few hours of entertainment from Taylor Swift and her touring team.


Every Swiftie is welcome at Anfield Stadium, including those needing special assistance. In Anfield, there are 111 available spaces for wheelchair users. This means you can bring along your friend who needs special care or you can come and enjoy Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour concert regardless of your needs. As for convenience, there are toilets scattered within Anfield. To easily locate them, go to the concourses, and the hospitality areas among other locations. There will also be tour guides and signs to help you locate these places, so don’t stress it.

What You Can Eat At Anfield

There will be vendors tasked with providing you with what you can eat while the concert is going on. With a little extra cash, you’ll be okay. Anfield has a list of food you can choose from.

The Best Time To Be At Anfield

In most cases, the Eras Tour concert starts at 6:30 PM. From experience, the security needs at least 1 hour to clear attendees into the stadium before the concert starts. This means you’re expected to be at Anfield at least, by 5:30 PM. But know that, the earlier you turn up, the earlier you get cleared into the stadium and relax for the tour to begin. Make sure to beat time.

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