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It’s no longer news that the “Springsteen and E Street Band Tour” will be coming to London this year on the 6th of July. We’ve been anticipating the tour’s visit to Europe since some dates got postponed from 2023 to this year due to unforeseen events that shook the touring team.But we’re glad that Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band are up and ready to go. The team will resume touring the world for the “Springsteen and E Street Band Tour” next month, on the 19th of March, completing the dates they have left in the US. Before coming to Europe, Wales and then to Northern Ireland and Ireland eventually.

With the speed at which 2024 is moving, July will be here. And if you’re not lucky, you might get caught off guard, especially when getting tickets to the shows is a bit hard, now that tickets to“Springsteen and E Street Band Tour” are “Hot Cakes.”The level at which Europe anticipated the “Springsteen and E Street Band Tour” makes getting tickets to the London show almost impossible since pre-registered fans are queued online to get
any available ticket.

Considering the hecticness attached to the process, you might get exhausted even before you begin. But relax. That’s where we come in, offering you an option. An alternative marketplace where you can get Bruce Springsteen London tickets . Without stress.

Bruce Springsteen’s Music Performance in Europe

Wise men have a saying that goes, “You know it’s going to be a great weekend right from Monday.” The rate at which Bruce’s songs and albums sell out in Europe is one determinant of the level at which Europe anticipated his tour. So, we are certain it will be an interesting encounter for Londoners when they get to feel the magic of Bruce, live.

Let’s take you back a bit, so you’ll understand where we are coming from. And we’re not even taking you long back, we’re referring to the two albums associated with the “Springsteen and E Street Band Tour,” “Letter to You,” and “Only the Strong Survive,” which are currently the two latest albums of the Tourist.

These two albums have been certified gold and silver in Europe. We have them topping individual charts in Europe, like the UK albums chart, amongst others. This is to show you that Europe had waited long for the tour to reach its cities. Well, that is finally here, with a few days to go. Speaking of associated album performances in Europe.

“Letter To You” became certified gold in the UK after selling over 100k units in October 2020. No wonder tickets to “Springsteen and E Street Band Tour” immediately became scarce upon release. With this kind of dedicated fanbase, you can never prepare enough. It’s like new fans constantly spring up from wells in London. Take a look at the attendance on Bruce’s last visit to London during the “River Tour” in 2016. Wembley Stadium, London, was filled with close to 70k people. And that was 8-years-ago. Also, because tickets to “Spring and E Street Band Tour” sold out in barely 8 hours of availability through Ticketmaster, there’s nothing to counter the possibility of having Wembley Stadium filled up with twice the number from Bruce’s previous visit.

After all, the UK’s population seems to have increased by a fair million. Safe to assume that Bruce must have had an addition of fans from the influx of people. But Londoners have been die-hard fans of Bruce. We know this for sure when we saw the number of videos posted on YouTube, reminiscing about Bruce’s visits to their city. Some of these videos are dated to Bruce’s 4th  career tour, “Born in the U.S.A Tour” which began in 1984 to 1985.

And of course, they have been begging Bruce to come back, so they can recreate the memories, and relive the moments. Even though the Londoners then will probably be oldies now, (seeing that Bruce himself is currently 74 years old) his age doesn’t seem to be a barrier, Bruce is still dishing out one hell of a performance as we’ve seen so far in the 2023 leg of the “Springsteen and E Street Band Tour.”

​ “Only the Strong Survive”

On one hand, seemed to be greatly recognized in Europe, more than Bruce’s previous albums. But this is arguable. “Only the Strong Survive” was released 2 years after the release of “Letter to You,” which was in 2022.

Even though the charts it topped are not as much as the charts, “Letter to You” topped, it is alsoone of the greatly appreciated works of Bruce, especially in the UK, and we know this from the praises, the setlist of the “Springsteen and E Street Band Tour” received when it was made public.

One song in particular from “Only the Strong Survive,” “Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)” seemed to have caught the attention of everyone. And we’re pretty sure that Londoners are part of the more than 3 million views it has on YouTube, seeing that it became certified Silver in the UK after selling more than 200k units.

We would’ve declared Londoners the overall supporters of Bruce’s art, with just “Do I Love You (Indeed I Do),” but it wouldn’t be fair, because “Nightshift” from the same album, had better love and attention from Londoners than “Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)” did. “Nightshift” has more than 11 million views on YouTube. And we took a look at its performance in the UK and discovered that it has been certified Silver as well, after selling more than 250k units. That is even more than “Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)” sold within the time frame of the certification.

What to Expect in the “Springsteen and E Street Band Tour”

Bruce’s concert grounds are usually filled with thousands of people who enjoy rock music.  Seeing that Bruce is one of the greatest we have in the industry, you should expect rock displayed and performed in a way you’ve never seen before. Everything about the “Springsteen and E Street Band Tour” is amazing. From the stage arrangements to the setlist and even the performance of every song by Bruce and the E Street band. The intimacy they share with their fans cannot be exaggerated because it is there, and we see it from the memories captured by fans and posted on Instagram, X, and TikTok.

Bruce reserves the power to make his fans emotional, and then extremely jolly when he performs. Maybe this talent is connected to the years of experience he has in the industry, or maybe it’s just a special gift.

There are songs on the setlist of the “Springsteen and E Street Band” that are meant to make everyone remember a certain memory in their lives, like “The Promise Land.” “The Promise Land” has some sort of connection to “Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman. But that is another story, for another day.In the meantime, London might host an emotional Bruce seeing that he lost his mother of 98 years, a few days ago. May her soul rest in peace.

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