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Olivia Allwood-Mollon

Olivia has worked as a lifestyle, travel and beauty writer. Cutting her teeth as Beauty Assistant at Harper’s Bazaar and then Acting Beauty Assistant at Red, and debuting with us as West London Living‘s … Read more →

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Laura Waddell

Laura Waddell

You split your time between Notting Hill and LA. Why did you choose Notting Hill as your London home?

It’s just a really great part of London; it has a cool artistic vibe and I love the markets, especially Portobello … Read more →

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Barry Gorey

Barry Gorey

You launched your debut album, Animate, this year to rave reviews. Were you expecting the reaction you’ve had?

We knew we had made something special. We spent so much time working on the album, and we are very proud of … Read more →

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