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Yamuna Body Rolling with Kelly Lynne Goulon

The Blurb

The premise of Yamuna Body Rolling (YBR) is that if there is pain or discomfort there is a lack of space and misalignment of bones and muscles. This is addressed during sessions using various sized “Yamuna balls” and using your own bodyweight to create optimum space throughout the body which restores fuller range of motion in all joints and allows the body to realign itself.

Direct bone stimulation is what makes YBR stand out from the crowd, distinct from other modalities. The work always begins with directly stimulating bone. The longer the bone is stimulated the more complete the stimulation of tendon and muscle, resulting in improved tone and function of the muscles.

Kelly Lynne Goulon, a senior YBR facilitator and teacher trainer (UK), grew up as a professional dancer and has been working with the body since 1983 – when she began her journey by studying Pilates with the greatly esteemed Ron Fletcher. In 2014 she discovered Yamuna and trained as a Yamuna Body Rolling Practitioner. which “absolutely transformed my teaching and ability to help clients with simple aches and pains, severe conditions or injuries and general wellbeing.” Kelly normally teaches out of her own studio on Thurloe Street just by South Kensington station but has been efficiently working with her clients online since the beginning of lockdown.

Kelly is also the UK distributor for Yamuna products which can be purchased from www.yamunauk.com.

The Process

I met (virtually) with Kelly to try out the practice. She had arranged to send me the equipment I needed before the session, so I arrived on my yoga mat at my computer clutching my football-sized squishy gold ball, and two smaller and denser black balls feeling tight and sore after a week of working at my desk. After a quick consultation in which Kelly asked about any particular injuries or areas of discomfort, we got straight into the class.

Kelly’s instructions were extremely clear, and her daughter was kindly demonstrating the movements so it couldn’t have been easier to follow along with what I was meant to be doing. Over the course of an hour, I was guided to position my body over the balls in specific ways and allow the ball to penetrate deeply into my muscle fibres through a combination of relaxing into it and rolling gently back and forth over it. We worked on my hips, hamstrings, outer thighs, back and neck. Kelly was able to observe me as I went through the movements and make useful suggestions and corrections to help me access the right muscles. All the while, Kelly observed my movements and made suggestions and gave me tips to make the practice more effective. This was peppered with lighthearted chat and encouragement that made me feel really relaxed and at ease.

As we progressed through the treatment I could feel deep knots of tension melting away as if a skilled massage therapist’s hands were working on me in person. There were (satisfyingly) intense/painful moments when we focused on a particularly tight area, but the overall sensation was pleasant and I felt a real sense of release as I was guided through the different movements and where to place the balls. At the end of our time together I felt relaxed, longer, spacious and more comfortable in my physicality. There was also a significant reduction to the stiffness I had been experiencing in my lower back which was a real relief.

The Verdict

Yamuna Body Rolling with Kelly is highly recommended for anyone who is feeling stiff, tight, ache-y or in pain. It’s gentle enough to be suitable for most people (including pregnant people and the elderly) but effective enough to feel incredibly nurturing and beneficial. As massage alternatives go this was a really viable alternative and I’ll be continuing to use the balls and the movements Kelly taught me regularly.

You can find out more about Kelly and see her accreditations over at: www.thurloestreetpilates.pilatesnearyou.co.uk/locations and you can book in for a bespoke online session by emailing: kelgoul@aol.com

To purchase Yamuna equipment and products please visit:www.yamunauk.com


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