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Indiba Deep Care

The Blurb

INDIBA Deep Care is a machine that offers completely non-surgical, non-invasive and pain-free contouring treatments for both men and women with clinically proven results! Treatments include the Spanish Bum Lift, Tummy Tightening, Facial and Jawline Definition, Cellulite Buster and Arm Toning. Indiba Deep Care can help in reducing the recovery time following aesthetic & surgical procedures and in treating skin conditions such as psoriasis and rosacea.

Their state-of-the-art technology is safe, versatile, comfortable, and results can be seen after just one session. INDIBA Deep Care uses radio frequency, which flushes out toxins, restores energy levels and tones the skin. Described as similar to a hot stone massage, skin is left tightened and rejuvenated. Using Pro-ionic action the cells are able to flush out toxins and materials detoxifying the tissue. Circulation is boosted and cells are fed with re-balancing nutrients.

Treatments with INDIBA® Deep Care are painless for the patient, non-ablative and very safe. There is no limit to treatment time or the number of treatments and most importantly, you will see results from the first session.

INDIBA® Deep Care treatments cause no damage, can be used in combination with other treatments and can optimise the regeneration of damaged tissue. It is a non-invasive treatment, safe and relaxing for patients, with no session limitations and results are visible from the first treatment.

The Process

A warm metal bulb was manoeuvred outward around my jaw and cheeks; similar to a lymphatic drainage massage or facial. The process was relaxing rather than invasive, although as I remember there were several different radio-frequency settings alternated throughout. Although warming, your therapist ensures it’s never too uncomfortable at any point.

I had the first of two treatments and stupidly thought I knew better than my therapist, asking her to do just half my face (the lower face and jaw – omitting the rest of my cheeks). And while that looked great, sort of, it was so effective it only served to highlight the contrast with the rest of my untreated face – whoops.  I went back for another treatment to focus on the rest of the face (exactly what the lovely therapist would’ve done had I left it to her in the first place) and left looking five years younger. Or, at least, 12 hours more rested.

The Results

Indiba is an effective pick-me-up with medium-term results. Whilst multiple treatments increase effectiveness and longevity, each session’s results are immediate – making a single treatment ideal right before an event. Whilst I saw a difference, it’s noticeable in the sense you look like yourself but tighter. A friend (who holds no punches when it comes to honesty) asked if I’d lost weight (I definitely hadn’t) then proclaimed, ‘oh no it’s just your face looks slimmer!’

Several treatments are recommended (although what business model wouldn’t say that?), but even one treatment can last up to 18 months. Indiba is ideal if you’re after a non-invasive treatment, that feels like a facial, is priced like a facial, but offers results that last far longer.

The Details

Indiba Deep Care is available at clinics nationwide and can be booked here: www.belle.org.uk/indiba-deepcare

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