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Xtreme eyelashes

Xtreme lashes by Abbie Ting

The Blurb:

Eyelash extensions are currently all the rage, partly thanks to Girls Aloud and partly because every girl loves full-on flutter for charm and seduction. Xtreme lashes are tiny, individual lashes glued on to each single lash of your own. Beauty expert Abbie Ting carries out this tricky task with meticulous flair, in her little beauty hideaway at Chelsea salon, Smith and Gardner.

The Process:

Downstairs at Smith and Gardner is where the long process begins. Tens of lashes lay on the table while I lie flat on the beauty table, head titled back and eyes closed. Slowly but surely, Abbie glued each lash on to one of my own. The length was just slightly longer than mine, to keep things looking natural. Unfortunately, depending on whether you go for a half or full eye, it can take up to two hours. However, it’s certainly relaxing so just think of it as peaceful downtime.

The Result:

After an hour and half of dreamy relaxation, I looked in the mirror et voilà, I had Bambi eyes! There was not a hint of Cheryl Cole, but instead my lashes looked natural but just slightly thicker, elongated and flicked out at the corners. Beautiful! The best thing is that you cannot see any bonding or glue which proves how intricate and precise the process is. The only downside is that you cannot wear mascara with Xtreme lashes, as the ingredients interact with the glue and weaken it. Eyeliner and shadow is fine, so I used a fine makeup brush with a dark smoky shadow and rimmed my eyes for extra definition.

Xtreme lashes by Abbie Ting costs £100 for a full set, including a free top up for new customers.

Smith and Gardner, 19 Milner Street, London, SW3; www.beautifuleyelashes.co.uk at www.smithandgardner.com; 020 7584 9897

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