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Raw Fairies

Fresh, organic living foods delivered from Raw Fairies

The Blurb:

Raw Fairies is the UK’s first raw food delivery service. They provide meals, snacks, desserts, smoothies – practically anything you could want in its as-mother-nature-intended, never-been-near-a-cooker form. Special techniques such as soaking, sprouting and dehydrating are used to make sure that all food stays fresh and as full of nutrients as possible. The list of purported benefits is a long one: anti-ageing, effortless weight loss, increased energy, radiant skin and improved mental, emotional and spiritual health. Great promises from a small box of raw veg.

The Process:

All raw creations are designed and made by chef Anya Ladra who prides herself on making innovative and tempting alternatives to the proverbial lettuce leaf diet. Clients can pick and choose their menus: some use Raw Fairies as an occasional detox method; others as a way of life. Apparently customers should see results after 10 days (two working weeks) if they are eating Raw Fairies full time.

The Result:

I have never been on a diet. I love food far too much and would rather spend more time in the gym. I totally agree with being sensible about what one eats and enjoying everything in moderation, but for me that means that I’m allowed a bit of chocolate, a bit of butter on my bit of bread, a bit of alcohol etc. So I don’t think that I am a natural Raw Fairies client. However, if you have little will power, little time and some spare cash then having a box of ready prepared, healthy meals land on your doorstep means that there is nowhere to hide and for some that is just the ticket. The food was beautifully presented, although my dining partner and I were split on what we thought of the food. I didn’t like the pear, prune and apple smoothie; she enjoyed its sweet and comforting baby food-like consistency. The sprouted lentil salad was interesting: lots of pineapple, courgette, peppers, carrot and alfalfa with a spicy dressing, but the Sicilian burger in two-seed red onion ‘bread’ was a cold, nutty pattie between two overly moist onion ‘biscuits’ (no wheat products were harmed in the making of these meals). We both agreed that the Raw chocolate truffles were truly delicious – treats I could definitely have in moderation.

Prices start from £22.50 per day depending on your length of commitment.

rawfairies.com; 07508 015313

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