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Pristine pedicure at Nougat

French Pedicure at Gravity

The Blurb:

Gravity has been based at Ladbroke Grove for more than a decade and has just undergone a huge refurbishment. The ground floor is a hairdressing salon, but downstairs is a haven of beauty treatments. The new decor is very refreshing; the bright, white interior is balanced with red poppies painted on the walls and red towels. Much nicer than the trend for muted colours which are meant to be relaxing, but are just dull. To top it off they even had Tatler, my secret guilty pleasure read. Perfect.

The Process:

My last pedicure had been in the Philippines where they like to shape toe nails into claw-like points. My poor feet had been subjected to this horrific treatment and since then I have been desperately trying to coax them back to something resembling normality. My poor beautician didn’t have much nail to work with after my futile attempts but with the help of a foot bath filled with delicious salts and lots of bubbles, some serious dead skin removal and coats of nourishing polish, she was somehow able to create a toe masterpiece.

The Result:

I like to think that I am not the only person who neglects the parts of my body that don’t get seen. Cold weather means tights, which mean hairy legs; no boyfriend equals impenetrable bikini line; and no flip-flops leads to serious lack of pedal pampering. However, I have realised that this is a serious error of judgement. In fact the most important time to tend to one’s beautification needs is now, when the days are cold and short. Why? Well, what else can make you feel better about the fact that you feel like your fingers are getting frost bite and you look like a drowned rat because you forgot your umbrella? Knowing that your legs are silky smooth and your toes perfectly painted despite the fact that no one ever sees them is the secret to surviving the winter blues. So, my advice, get your feet in tip-top condition and your nails painted a slutty shade of pink and admire them in the bath.

A 60-minute French pedicure costs £30.

Gravity, 144 Ladbroke Grove, London, W10; 020 8964 1911

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