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Vitl DNA Home Testing Kit

What They Say

Learn about your body’s diet, exercise, and lifestyle preferences with a DNA test and your current micronutrient status and lipid panel with a blood test. Once your results are in, you can speak with a qualified nutritionist to walk you through your report and provide specific dietary, exercise and lifestyle advice.

The Blurb

What a time to be alive! It’s really quite amazing that in 2023 we have access to a clear window into our bodies and their inner workings in the form of at-home DNA test kits like the one by Vitl. I have been interested in health and wellbeing my whole adult life, so I jumped at the chance to learn more about my unique make-up and gain insight into any changes I could make to “hack” my genetics.

The Process

The Vitl DNA Home Testing Kit is a simple and straightforward process. Once you order the kit online, it will be shipped directly to your doorstep. The kit includes everything you need to collect a DNA sample, including a swab to collect your saliva, instructions for how to use the kit, and a pre-paid envelope to return your sample to the lab.

Once you have collected your DNA sample using the swab provided in the kit, you simply seal it in the pre-paid envelope and send it back to the lab. The lab will then analyse your sample and generate a report that details your genetic makeup and provides insights into your health, nutrition, and fitness based on your DNA.

I really loved that I was able to book a 15-minute free consultation with a Vitl nutritionist who took me through the most significant parts of the test and was happy to explain what they meant and make practical suggestions.

In terms of cost, the Vitl DNA Home Testing Kit is priced competitively compared to other DNA testing kits on the market. The kit currently retails for around £139, which is a reasonable price considering the comprehensive nature of the information provided. Additionally, the kit often goes on sale, so you may be able to find it for even less.

Overall, the Vitl DNA Home Testing Kit is an affordable and accessible way to gain valuable insights into your genetic makeup. The process is simple and easy to follow, and the cost is reasonable given the depth and breadth of information provided. Whether you’re looking to optimise your health and wellness, or simply curious about your genetic profile, the Vitl DNA Home Testing Kit is a great option to consider.

Find out more and order yours today at www.vitl.com

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