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Morpheus 8 with Dr David Jack, Harley Street

What They Say

Dr. David Jack is one of a new generation of medical doctors turned entrepreneurs. Born and raised in Scotland, where he studied medicine, anatomy and embryology, Dr. Jack’s clinical career both in plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine allowed him to travel extensively and experience a wide range of specialities., especially during his time with the NHS. Looking to develop his strong commitment to improving all aspects of skin health, Dr. David Jack established his acclaimed clinic on London’s Harley Street, where he specialises in aesthetic medicine and anti-ageing treatments.

Morpheus8 is a skin tightening and lifting treatment, aimed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and to visibly lift areas of skin laxity. Morpheus8 uses ‘ablative radiofrequency’ technology which is delivered into the dermis and subdermal layer of the skin using gold-coated microneedles, which creates micro-injuries and heats below the surface of the skin. This then stimulates the production of collagen and elastin by the skin’s fibroblast cells. In turn, this causes the skin to tighten and lift, reducing the signs of ageing and improving skin quality and elasticity over the 3-6 months following the treatment.

The Process

I arrive at the beautiful 96 Harley Street and I’m greeted by Dr David Jack to discuss Morpheus 8 – a treatment that I have been very excited to sample for a while. As I write this, Victoria Beckham is popping up all over the tabloids, announcing that she has the treatment every 6 months. However, any skincare fanatic will tell you that Morpheus 8 has been on their radar ever since it first swept the beauty world 6 years ago.

Morpheus 8 is the safest of all microneedling/resurfacing treatments due to the fact that the needles are finer and only heat the skin with radio frequency from the end. This reduces the chances of swelling, redness and general downtime. You can also adjust the intensity, needle size and heat as you go along, adapting the treatment for different parts of the skin. You can treat everywhere (except for the lips) so, for me, we decide to do a full face and neck (two sessions, 5 weeks apart). Though the results are more extreme for older skin – it works as a rejuvenation treatment for crepey areas and fine lines – Morpheus 8 can also work as a preventative treatment for people edging into their mid-30s.

Dr David then applies an incredibly strong numbing cream and – as Morpheus 8 can be rather painful – I’m told I must wait an hour and a half for it to take effect. I am left to sit in the gorgeous waiting room, and I do mean gorgeous. The room is adorned with tasteful period features, high Georgian ceilings and stunning flower arrangements. The floors are black and white cheque, the furniture comfy, and the tea cups and saucers are delicately illustrated. It’s grand and luxurious without being in any way kitsch, and I am more than happy to spend the full hour and a half in here with my laptop and a coffee.

After the waiting time has passed, my skin is well and truly numb, so we go back into the treatment room for the main event. The clinic started doing Morpheus 8 from the get-go, so Dr David has developed a method to minimise any discomfort, swiftly adjusting the machine to each part of my face with the incredible precision and speed that only comes with experience.

I’m sent on my way with a slightly red face, which reddened over the next few hours and then slowly faded – minimum downtime indeed! During the next few days, my skin goes through the exfoliation process, becoming super dewy as an after-effect.

The Results

Morpheus 8 is the gift that keeps on giving as it takes between 3 – 6 months to reach maximum results, but here is my experience a few weeks after treatment number 2: my complexion is more balanced and incredibly clear; my skin doesn’t need as much moisturiser as before and isn’t dulling as much when I’m tired; my neck and under eyes already feel tighter; and the entire area feels soft and plump. After only 3 weeks since my final treatment, that’s pretty impressive.

The Details

Morpheus 8 treatments start from £650

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