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The Aquapure Hydro Facial at Young LDN

The Credentials

CEO and entrepreneur Sue Carroll came up with the idea for Young LDN when she was looking for a salon to take her teenage children to when they suffered with severe acne.

There are now two branches of Young LDN, one in Caesar’s Palace, Dubai and one, more conveniently located for us, in Westbourne Grove. The studios were originally created with Gen Z and millennials in mind, but Sue’s friendly and unpretentious approach to facial and beauty treatments inevitably appeals to all. In Young LDN she has created a space where knowledgeable practitioners don’t try to bamboozle you with technical jargon. There’s an emphasis on new products, trends and technologies but an overarching sense that ‘simplicity’ and ‘adopting healthy habits’ are key.

The Process

Indre greets me at reception with a warm smile that makes me feel instantly at ease. I’m furnished with a chamomile tea that comes with a fluffy pink marshmallow on the side – because marshmallows are said to have mood-boosting properties (not science, just common sense.)

After a quick consultation, we begin with a cleansing hydro facial that gently clears dead cells from the skin’s surface. Indre informs me that in order to optimise results, this exfoliating treatment should be performed once a month.

Next, Indre gently brushes on a mask that harnesses the hydrating and exfoliating properties of Mandelic Acid. This infuses whilst I’m under the LED lamp – which not only feels pleasant but increases the amount of collagen in the skin, helping reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Next, a snow algae mask is applied- this acts as a conductor for the toning microcurrent (imagine if you will, a tens machine for your face with conductive gel). In turn, the microcurrent helps the skin absorb the softening snow algae mask – so whilst I may be lying with my eyes closed on a Tuesday morning… my skin is in fact multitasking!

The Results

Brighter, shinier skin that lasts for weeks. My usual Vitamin C night cream seems to work twice as effectively and a total stranger presumed I was ten years younger than I actually am.

It’s all in the name, see? May your skin be as young as your skin feels.

The Details

An Aquapure Hydro Facial at Young LDN starts from £120.

228 Westbourne Grove, London W11 2RH


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