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Flat Strands Hair Extensions at House of Hair

They Say:

Introducing, the new hair trend, Flat Strands Hair Human Extensions launched by House of Hair UK. The latest range to be released from the brand, Flat Strands comes in lengths ranging from 14-24 inches. Used to create length, volume and add colour, they come in six different textures and three different colours, including; blonde, dark brown and black.

CEO, Ayanda Soares explains; “The aim was to supply customers with even more versatility, flexibility and comfort and further discretion for those with fine hair’’

The Process:

The large, airy salon is located minutes from Westfield and Shepherd’s Bush Market, surrounded by the quaint textile shops of Goldhawk Road.

I first met Ayanda, who started House of Hair in 2019. Having started her career as a social worker, Ayanda transitioned into hair once she realised she could make more money transforming people’s lives in a different way. Fast forward, Ayanda has over 12 years of experience within the hair industry and has been featured on BBC News, Metro, Spell Magazine, and more!

I then met the lovely Sumni, who sat me down and immediately returned with the perfect colour match; a clean, light blonde. We decided to go extra-long – 22 inches – what’s the point of extensions if you don’t go all in?

Flat Strands micro-links are ideal for finer hair, where tapes or a weave can be visible, or poke through affecting the way the hair lies.

I hadn’t tried Flat Strands before, but, similar to micro-rings, they attach to the root with discreet clips and are then sealed in with pliers. Taking around an hour or two to fit almost a full head (a lot of hair!), the transformation was immediate. My own hair was indiscernible from the silky new lengths, and, with Sumni’s expert positioning, the micro-ring attachments are hidden, no matter which way I wear my hair.

Having arrived with clean hair, there was no need to wash before fitting. My natural hair was dry cut by Ayanda, just skimming the split ends off to ensure it blends with the lengths.

Aftercare is pretty straightforward, you treat extensions as you would your own hair. The hair needs to be refitted or removed every 6-8 weeks, depending on growth rate.

The Results:

The hair was super silky and blended effortlessly. I will say drying takes longer, and the extensions dry slightly slower than my own hair. Heat protectant is imperative to avoid cooking my natural hair with a hairdryer whilst the extensions are still damp.

But I now have real-life Barbie hair! Long, thick, ‘90s Pammy blonde, it swooshes and swishes and shines. I was instructed to brush religiously, but it hasn’t tangled in the few weeks I’ve had them. Looking just as good when I roll out of bed, Flat Strands are the secret to low-maintenance, high-impact hair.

The Details:

Flat strands range from £290 – £460 depending on length and volume added.

House of Hair UK; 88 Goldhawk Road, Shepherd’s Bush, London, W12 8HD


0203 866 7777

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