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Lip Fillers with Alexandra Mills at AM Aesthetics

What They Say

Alex graduated from Queen’s University, Belfast, having studied both Nursing and Law. She has been working in the field of aesthetic medicine for over a decade and is the founder of AM Aesthetics, one of Belfast’s busiest aesthetic clinics with an outstanding reputation for ‘natural results’. Following the birth of her son, Alex is spending more time working in London. She is a published author in the realm of aesthetic medicine and is a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Aesthetic Nursing, as well as the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses.

The Blurb

Alex doesn’t beat about the bush, she talks fast and knows what she’s about: professional and safe procedures with detailed, natural-looking results and a ‘less is more’ approach. She’s quietly confident, evidently because she began her career working in Belfast where, she says, you have to be good – it’s a small town and people talk. Since she’s been in London, she’s been busy, and her reputation as one of the best people out there for natural-looking lip fillers has been steadily growing.

When we meet for our consultation, she tells me upfront that she only works towards natural-looking lips, and because she’s aware of the latest fashion of having ‘overdone’ work, she likes to meet with her clients first to make sure she’s on the same page as them.

Alex believes that people get the wrong idea about lip fillers (she doesn’t need to explain this further to me, I refused to consider having my lips done before because I was afraid of immediately developing an ‘Instagram Face’). Patients visit her for myriad issues, from wanting to get rid of a gummy smile to wanting to hide minor imperfections that cause them insecurities, to just wanting to replace what goes with time. 

She tells me that there have also been studies to show that a little asymmetry is actually more attractive in people, so minor tweaks are great, but there’s simply no need to go overboard with it.

The Process

The first time I attempted lip fillers was so incredibly painful that I was expecting to be shaking in agony for the duration, but a little numbing cream teamed with gentle application meant that I barely felt a thing. I was so relieved!

Alex worked the new filler into my lips, coming across old filler (a tricky manoeuvre) and expertly working through it to blend. She then filled out the volume in my lower lip, whilst getting the upper lip to lift where there was a lack of symmetry on one side. 

I also experienced hardly any bruising – just a tiny mark on the side of my upper lip that passed for dry skin and was gone in a couple of days.

During the session, Alex pointed out that she has a similar complexion to me (fair skin) so she knows how to work with it. I’d never considered how this might be a useful thing to consider when picking your clinician, but it does make a lot of sense.

The Results

We used such a small amount of filler during the session that I wasn’t expecting to notice a huge change in the mirror the next day. However, upon waking, my lips looked pristine. Natural enough that no one would notice if I popped down to the shops, but completely altered. My lips looked even, plump and full, to the point where my entire face look improved. And as I worked from home on that sunny spring morning, I couldn’t stop myself from checking them out in the mirror at regular intervals.

If natural-looking lips are what you’re after, then I can’t recommend AM Aesthetics enough.

I will certainly be going back.

The Details


AM Aesthetics, Charterhouse clinic, 98 Crawford street, W1H 2LH


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