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Intuitive Tarot with Hayley Ku’unani From Thou Alone

The Blurb

Thou Alone is created by Hayley Ku’unani – an intuitive artist blending an array of modalities and crafts into packages for self-improvement to create self-empowerment.

A certified Sound Healing Practitioner – Hayley draws from the well of resources she has studied as well as from her own wisdom and disciplinary practices. This ranges from blackout poetry, tarot reading. ideological and psychological prompting, as well as her relationship with music and sound.

Her brand and method are not about being ‘alone’ in the sense of acting from solely one’s own interests, nor does it encourage selfishness and a lack of collaboration; however, it serves as taking 100% responsibility for our own lives and managing our subconscious drives and behaviours in order to lead an empowered and fulfilling life for ourselves and blessing those around us from a place of authenticity and awareness.

Hayley offers all of her services online via Zoom. Whether it is the collective Moon Cycle Sound Baths, Tarot Reading, 1:2:1 Sound Healing, Coaching or the bespoke meditations and PDF’s – her mission is to present a flexible menu of services in order to provide insight, clarity and most importantly a sense of self-empowerment.

The Process

I meet with Hayley one morning via zoom for my intuitive tarot reading. I’ve always been fascinated by tarot, but have never had the chance to try it out, so I’m eagerly anticipating what the hour will hold.

We begin the session with a short chat about my expectations and if there are any particular areas I’d like to focus on, and then I’m invited to relax back into my chair, close my eyes and let myself drift into a 10 minute sound healing session. With eyes closed, I’m not sure exactly which instruments Hayley is using, but she explains afterwards that what I’d been hearing was tuning forks. The sound helps to invite a sense of groundedness and I feel myself becoming more settled and present as the session progresses. I had been a little sceptical of how sound healing would work over zoom, but the noises carry well, and when it’s over I feel refreshed and clear.

Next, we move into the intuitive card reading. Hayley shuffles the cards and I am encouraged to tell her when to stop. Four times we repeat this process, each time Hayley draws a new card and talks me through the meaning of if.

I had mentioned right at the beginning of the session that I’d been dealing with some anxiety about an upcoming house move, and so Hayley interpreted the cards in the context of this and asked me questions to help me gain clarity on the situation.

The first card I get is The Hierophant: “The hierophant appears with the message of deep searching – the search for truth, understanding, new ways of thinking and being and for opportunities and inspiration to support this new venture. the message of the hierophant card emphasises on the messages in which we seek are that of a philosophical and spiritual nature. This card emphasises the marrying and fusion of the more spiritual and religious aspects of our lives with that of the third dimensional, societal and mundane. The hierophant also appears when there is a transition and change on the horizon. For example: keys to a new property/home or new business premises.” 

To be honest, deep searching for truth is the last thing on my mind during the middle of this very stressful house move, but there is certainly change on the horizon so the card resonates on that level.

The next cards I get are the King of Cups and the King of Swords: “The message of the king of swords with the king of cups suggests a marrying and union of both the emotional realm (the feminine, the yin) and the mental realm (masculine, yang) for the answers in which you seek (the hierophant) lays within this union.

We have recently been in the polarity of the Capricorn/Cancer axis which brings up the challenge of balancing and honouring the emotional Cancerian traits – the home, the nurturing and family orientations with that of Capricorn – the material and external aspects to our earthly experience. when our foundations are frail on any front this breeds the opportunity for anxiety to arise with lack of equilibrium, this contributes to feeling a general sense of persistent questioning and rumination.”

There were certainly frail foundations in my life at the time of writing, and to have that acknowledged by Hayley’s interpretation of the cards and to be given a few moments to reflect on the root of the anxiety I’d been feeling felt valuable.

My last card was the Six of Cups: “The six of cups appears in a spread when a reflection of the past has been ruminated upon: distant memories, times passed by and sentiment. In relation to the spread, the six of cups shows deeper insight to the dance and polarities between the mental and emotional bodies. with the king of swords – it has highlights the need for detachment without criticism or judgement when feeling what it is that you are feeling. The answers lie within these feelings, as confusing and illogical as they may seem to the intellectual and rational brain.

Anxiety is the fear of the future. Feelings of sadness or nostalgia stem from wishful thinking of the past, a comparison which may not always be fully applicable to life’s situations but a replay of situations embedded within the subconscious mind.”

Again, there weren’t any huge lightning bolt moments of clarity brought about by the interpretation of this card, but it was comforting to have the anxiety I’d been experiencing acknowledged and to be encouraged to non-judgementally detach from it (in the same way you would in a mindfulness practice.)

Throughout the reading Hayley was approachable and encouraging, as well as talking me through the cards’ meanings she also asked me skillful questions to assist me in finding the relevance of the cards to my particular situation. I find the process soothing and interesting, and although I don’t get any flashes of inspiration or sudden understanding, I enjoyed the process of digging deeper into my psyche under Hayley’s guidance.

After the session, Hayley emails me through a beautifully presented PDF of the cards and their meanings so that I can refer back to them in my own time. Importantly, she also sends through a bespoke guided meditation which is brilliant. Set to the hypnotic beat of a drum and slow rhythmic music, the meditation guides me into a state of calm and I use it, as advised, every day for ten days. Hayley has a very soothing voice and I really value the 15 minutes of calm the meditation offers each day.

The Verdict

My experience of intuitive tarot and sound healing with Hayley was a nurturing one. Hayley has a very reassuring and calm air about her that sets you at ease straight away. I felt comfortable discussing my life and concerns with her and she was obviously very familiar with the cards and their meanings. Although I didn’t find the reading particularly illuminating in any flashy way (to be honest I don’t think I could have coped with any huge revelations at such a stressful time anyway!), it was quietly reassuring and provided an interesting perspective on my situation and the gentle introspection with a friendly guide was probably exactly what I needed. I would definitely give it another go in the future, perhaps with a more specific question in mind.

The guided meditation was a beautiful and invaluable addition to the session, and I continue to use it sporadically. It never fails to bring me comfort and peace.

The Details

Tarot: Coaching, PDF & Bespoke Meditation, £150

Find our more about Hayley and the services she provides over at www.thoualone.com.

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