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Highlights & Restyle with Jamie Stevens

What They Say

Jamie Stevens is a legend in the hairdressing industry: alongside a huge haul of award wins (including Celebrity Hairdresser of the Year), he has 7 consecutive British hairdresser of the year nominations; a Creative Head Most Wanted Hair Icon nomination and is the Fellowship for British Hairdressing’s Hairdresser of the Year.

Jamie and the team promise award-winning excellence in haircutting, and hair colouring including everything from colour corrections and colour changes to highlights, balayage and more, extensions, afro hair, bridal hair and styling for men and women, coupled with a personalised service to make you feel welcomed and at ease at any of the boutique style salons.

Natural charisma and flair for hairdressing have seen Jamie work with celebrities from Kylie Minogue, Elle Macpherson, Eva Herzigova and Myleene Klass to Leonardo di Caprio, Christian Slater, Colin Farrell, Hugh Grant and Olly Murs.

The Process

I started with a patch test and consultation with the lovely colourist, Jo. I explained that I wanted my routes to grow out subtly, and asked if there was a way to do this. As my hair is already quite light, Jo advised against an ombré, but suggested that we could blend the routes at the top so that when it grows out it still looks natural. Also, as I’ve had quite a few half head sessions in the past, we needed to do a full head, as the dye has changed the makeup of my hair. This means that my curls had become more prominent underneath and a full head should balance this out.

Jo then gave me an amazing blowdry before I left the salon. She dried my hair into sleek curls and knew exactly what to do with my fringe, which sometimes curls too much under a hairdresser’s brush. I felt fabulous as I walked away from the salon. The blowdry, by the way, lasted for days.

I then went back in a week later for the full works. I met Jamie and we talked about what cut I wanted. He really took his time to talk through all my options in relation to the shape of my face, the natural state of my hair, and how much effort I wanted to put into the cut. I told him that I’d like to put little to no effort in (naturally?) and that I usually worked with what I have, which is wild, wavy (sometimes curly) hair. Jamie wondered if it had a bit of Bridget Bardot lurking somewhere in its potential, so we landed on a heavily layered cut, which is razored at the ends. ‘Razors can scare people because they’re so easy to get wrong,’ he says, but I am to trust him, so I do.

After gifting me with a generous glass of Prosecco, Jo got to work on the highlights. She was swift but with keen attention to detail. Afterwards, Jamie came back to cut my hair…

The Results

The colour is perfect. It feels so natural and light and works perfectly with my skin tone. Jo skillfully blended the hair so that it will grow out seamlessly, which saves me time and money and allows the hair to stay in better condition for longer.

When it comes to cuts, I usually go for safe long layers, a curtain fringe and feathering at the front. So when Jamie started cutting away at my hair, I must admit I was nervous. However, the higher the risk, the higher the reward. My hair is now perfectly curly all the way through, with the layers mixing the hair together when I let it dry naturally. I don’t have to lift a finger, except maybe add some salt spray or oil if I’m feeling fruity! I’ve never been able to completely perfect that Bardot chic, half-ponytail look, and I’ve never understood why. Now, when I clip half of my hair to the back, it falls perfectly into a glorious 60s mess.

Not only that, but Jamie took the time to teach me how to curl my hair for a slightly sleeker look. I find that I often leave the salon with an amazing finish, yet wondering how I’ll ever mimic the work at home. Jamie, however, is committed to helping people create the best look possible – there are no secrets in his salon.

The Details

A full Head of highlights is between £130 to £220 and cuts are from £55 to £90 (Jamie Stevens POA)

Jamie Stevens Hair, 10 Abingdon Road, Kensington, London, W8 6AF
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7937 7010


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