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Hair overhaul with Jason Collier at Cobella Kensington

The Blurb

Jason Collier has worked on the tresses of Sienna Miller, Victoria Beckham, Eva Longoria, and Justin Timberlake, alongside a whole roster of Hollywood’s great and good.

With an illustrious career peppered with awards left, right, and centre, he was even crowned the world’s best hairdresser by Marie Claire magazine!

The Process

I was here to have my grown-out extensions and roots sorted. Jason is super warm and approachable and immediately put me at ease. After a chat about what I wanted, and what he thought would look best, he set about his transformation!

Jason removed my tape extensions, trimmed the split ends from my natural hair, and set to work highlighting my roots. Using a low strength peroxide – mixed with bucketloads of hair-saving Olaplex – he colour-matched my lengths and cleaned up the inch or so of regrowth beautifully.

My hair was washed, deep conditioned, and then dried in preparation for the extensions. He refitted the old extensions, positioning them to add volume and length all over, but in a way that wouldn’t show, no matter how I wore my hair. He then trimmed the ends to blend them in and styled them into loose curls.

Not only is Jason the best colourist I’ve ever had, but he might also be the only hairdresser to truly understand the importance of super slow processing, never using heat with colour, and treating wet hair as delicately as fragile cashmere or silk. The bane of my (hair) life is when stylists drag a brush through wet, processed, shampooed hair before conditioning. Even dragging a Tangle Teezer through Olaplex before conditioning leaves me with significant, visible breakage, so I was DELIGHTED that Jason did nothing of the sort. Rarer than one might hope, sadly!

Cobella has been on Kensington High Street for years; the most glam salon in the area, it’s always friendly, airy and comfortable. All important when you’re spending the best part of an afternoon in a salon chair.

I came back to Jason several weeks later to try out his bespoke free-hand technique. He painted colour around the hairline, catching all the baby hairs that get missed with foils. It’s a technique similar to balayage, but whereas balayage focuses on the lengths, Jason gently brushed and combed colour over specific areas on the hairline. I’d never tried this, but I’m definitely a convert.

The Results

Brilliant! Jason is a genius. The clean, creamy blonde was perfect against my skin tone, and I left with super conditioned, full, long, bouncy hair.

The Details

Jason Collier at Cobella Kensington; 5 Kensington High St, London W8 5NP

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