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EverySkin, Chiswick

The Blurb

It was just after the birth of my second child, I was taking my usual daily (pram) stroll down Chiswick High Road and I happened upon EverySkin – a shiny new clinic – sitting in prime position, alongside high road favourites, Ole & Steen and Oliver Bonas. It was no coincidence that my interest piqued at a time where my skin resembled a greyish deflated balloon and my body hair was (shall we say) unkempt; yep, my mum-of-newborn look was strong! Daydreaming about facials and not having to remove body hair is something I do often – that sounds vacuous, sure, but zero hours sleep and no time to even brush your teeth will do that to a person. It’s about time; the thought of having time back from waxing and frantic shaving over the bathroom sink is no doubt a luxury. Couple that with a relaxing skin treatment to tackle my haggard complexion, and I’m sold!

The ethos behind EverySkin is to offer up premium skin procedures at affordable prices, to drive inclusivity so that every person can feel great about themselves no matter their budget. Laser starts from £9 and facial treatments from £20, alongside expert advice and care from in-house clinicians and doctors. Founders Alice Sagnier and Bridget Healy launched their first EverySkin branch in 2021, and with quality and accessibility at the heart of the company, it’s no wonder the business is popping up in new locations at such high speed; clinics are dotted around London hotspots, including Islington, Notting Hill, Walthamstow, Wandsworth and Wood Green.

The Process & Results

My first visit to EverySkin was five months post-partum so, as you can imagine, my tired complexion was ready for some serious TLC. I opted for their signature Glow & Go facial – a deep-cleansing treatment that uses microdermabrasion, yellow LED and a mini pumpkin mask to exfoliate, hydrate and refresh the skin. And let me tell you, it did just that and then some. It’s a 40-minute treatment that pretty much includes all the goodies your skin could want, in one place. And my therapist was able to tailor the facial to my skin type, which was particularly fabulous. Over-sized pores and dehydration were my areas in desperate need of a boost; suffice to say I was left with tightened skin (no sign of glaring pores) and a goddess-like glow that could fool anyone into thinking I was well-rested. Winner! And if you’re a Vit-C lover (I think we all are), check out the clinic’s new Vitamin-C Boost & Go facial – I know I’ll be treating myself to that next.

The second part of my EverySkin experience was laser hair treatment – the most exciting for me. I took a course of eight sessions to banish hair from my underarms, upper lip and bikini line, which – as someone of Middle Eastern heritage – is no mean feat. I know a fair few people who have undertaken laser – some successfully, others not so much. But I can say that after session three, my underarm hair was pretty much gone. And since then (I’m now on session six of eight) I have had zero regrowth, which is an absolute game-changer. My bikini line is going strong, too. For the sake of TMI I’ll just say it’s a work in progress and I’ve been going swimming without any need to shave, so no complaints there. As for how much longer these areas might need, Rasa (my wonderful therapist) was super transparent about the fact that hormonal areas take longer, so the treatment has surpassed my expectations no end. Similarly, my upper lip will likely take a few more sessions, but so far so brilliant. As the sessions have gone on, Rasa has set the laser levels based on each previous appointment to increase where possible, and the effects are exceptionally fast and noticeable. The attention to comfort and how much you can essentially ‘handle’ is consistent, and I can’t recommend the clinic, or indeed Rasa, enough.

The Details

To book, visit: EverySkin

Prices from £9 for laser hair removal; from £20 for facial treatments; current laser hair removal offer to get 20% off courses of 6+ treatments and 30% off courses of 8+ treatments

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