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Flutter Eyes
"The finish was better than most, and without a hint of the dreaded drag-queen effect."

Flutter Eyes at Josh Wood Atelier

The Blurb:

An industry leader in lash enhancement, Flutter Couture Lash Extensions have a loyal client base of editors and high-profile celebrities. Unlike many other lash companies, their first priority is to ensure they always look after their clients’ natural lashes. Their unique application technique is specific to the brand and creates a weightless feel and superior natural look, perfectly tailored for continuous wear.

Each bespoke service is designed to enhance the contours of your face and frame your eyes with lashes as subtle or dramatic as you choose.

The Process:

I was met at reception by my therapist Kathryn and led upstairs to the beauty and treatment rooms. The whole building has a sort of greenhouse, inside-out-garden thing going on, with jungle plants and creepers growing from interior walls and test-tubes with bulbs hanging in place of chandeliers. The beauty rooms are more conventional; less avant-garde but still chic and spacious.

I’ve had eyelash extensions a couple of times before, with mixed results. Annoyingly there was no phone reception in the building for me to show Kathryn images I’d emailed myself, but we discussed the texture, shape and subtlety I wanted in detail.

Kathryn used a new technique specific to Flutter Eyes, where she attached a couple of lashes to some of my natural lashes, rather than just one per lash. This is intended to create a thicker effect, similar to the way mascara can be used to clump rather than separate.

The Result:

The finish was subtler than previous extensions. Better than most, and without a hint of the dreaded drag-queen effect. Kathryn only applied lashes where I’d asked, avoiding the outer corners, which, despite giving the eyes a feline flick, can visually drag the face down.

Most notably, this was the first time I’d had extensions that I couldn’t feel at all, even a fortnight later. As I have naturally fine lashes, therapists have accidentally applied them to more than one lash at once in the past. This can result in a constant tugging, irritated sensation, where Kathryn’s technique was comfortable even as the lashes were applied.

I was very happy. If anything could be improved I’d have liked a slightly spikier, more defined look, but without the images this was lost in translation.

The Details:

Flutter Couture Lash Extensions; 90-minute Taster Set; £210-£450

Josh Wood Atelier; 6 Lansdowne Mews; London; W11 3AN

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