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Gentlemen's Tonic
'Bamboo oil is rich in Omega 3, effective in healing scars and also renews skin tissue'

Bamboo Massage at Gentlemen’s Tonic

The Blurb:

Using bamboo canes and oil, the Bamboo Massage gives the body a good overall workout, relieving stress, strengthening muscle and improving circulation. It is also said to improve wellbeing, activate reflexology points and leave your skin nourished and restored. It is a great alternative to a sports massage.

The Process:

My therapist Avril explained the benefits of bamboo oil (a mixture of bamboo bio extract and rosehip oil) for my massage. As a light oil that is still rich in Omega 3, it is effective in healing scars, and with its high fatty acid content, it also renews skin tissue.

I began the massage lying facedown, with my neck, upper arms and back being manipulated deeply but not painfully. Having explained to Avril how I had been experiencing pains in my right shoulder, she paid extra attention to it, swiftly loosening the muscles in the joint, which immediately felt rejuvenated. After each area of my body had been massaged, bamboo was rolled across it.

I turned over to have my feet, legs and arms massaged firmly but gently, also incorporating stretching my legs to improve flexibility. We ended with a hot babassu and bergamot-scented towel being wrapped around my head to refresh and cleanse my sinuses.

The Result:

I felt invigorated after the massage and my body seemed unusually supple.

The Details:

Bamboo Massage, £75 for 60 minutes.

Gentlemen’s Tonic, 31a Bruton Place, London W1; www.gentlemenstonic.com; 020 7297 4343

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