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the skin gym

Skin Gym Facial at Triyoga

The Blurb:

This facial treatment aims to give you radiant skin fast, by combining a set of flowing face movements, reiki, deep breathing, live skincare products and warming ‘heart energy’ (some good thoughts from the therapist or, for those less keen on these airy fairy ideas, a darn good massage and a personal approach).

The skin workout technique stimulates and detoxes the skin by pumping fresh blood around the face and exercising the face muscles. This helps lift and tone the skin, contouring the face, giving a more youthful, plumped up appearance.

The Process:

Facialist Charlotte Colwell (who boasts over a decade’s experience but looks about 20 years old) is a fan of Eminence Organic Skincare – a range of organically-grown, handmade, cold pressed, all-natural products that come with a use-by date. She chose the products best suited for my skin and combined the treatments with a deeply relaxing massage.

A very good neck and shoulder massage using hand-blended organic essential oils was followed by some delicious-smelling and luxurious-feeling deep cleansing and exfoliation live masks. The use of stimulating paprika (to dissolve dead skin and increase cell renewal) particularly intrigued me. I have sensitive skin and the hot, tingling sensation I felt was slightly unnerving. Afterwards, a cooling rosehip (good for toning and nourishing, apparently) and mint mask was applied.

I chose a hand massage rather than a foot massage plus my shoulders, head and even my jaw line (which felt pretty tense) and eye brows were given a good workout from Charlotte’s expert fingers before some nourishing serums were fed to my skin and my lips were coated with coconut oil infused with citrus oils.

The Result:

I was confident to get on the tube in rush hour make-up free. My skin looked more even toned, firmer and was glowing (with no signs of sensitivity). What’s more, I felt like I’d had 10 hours sleep.

The skin gym: £70 for one hour; £85 for 75 minutes; £105 for 90 minutes.

Available from Triyoga, 372 King’s Road, London, SW3; www.triyoga.co.uk

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