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Colonic Irrigation at Hydrohealing

The Blurb:

This is the spa treatment that splits west London women like no other… Never before has one of my pending reviews caused such a combustive mix of opinions, with half my friends desperate for a plus one invite and the other half telling me in no uncertain terms that, ‘It’s just wrong’. Not one of the don’t-do-it-camp I was still understandably concerned about the fact that we just aren’t built to be flushed out (or to have that tube put in there!). When I raised this issue with my reassuring therapist Lin she explained that our bodies were also not built to live in such a polluted city or eat processed foods. Colonic irrigation offers a gentle cleanse to the vitally important colon and intestines. In fact, the ancient Egyptians cottoned on 4,000 years before we did, using a similar process to cleanse their bodies in preparation for worship (I am cleansing mine in preparation for Christmas but let’s not get competitive about this).

The Process:

I have been debating all day exactly how to explain this bit and am still undecided so I will begin gently… After completing a health form, Lin asked me to stick out my tongue (yes, really); using Chinese medicine she determined that the red area on the end of my tongue implied an imbalance in my energy flow, the width of it told her that I was dehydrated and the slight coating suggested stress and anxiety. She then questioned me on the state of my digestive system. Like many women I have mild IBS which colonic irrigation is said to calm. Having asked Lin every question under the sun in a bid to avoid the imminent next step, I was asked to remove my jeans and lie on the bed… I think we all know what happened next. Once the tube was inserted she started the gentle flow of purified, warm water that worked its way around my digestive tract as and, well… out again.

Throughout the treatment Lin massaged my abdomen to relax the muscles. I have to admit it was not as awfully awkward as I had feared; you can’t really feel what is going on. Plus you don’t see anything unless you want to. Lin reported her findings to me and sent me away with a personal prescription that suggested a repeat performance in five weeks and a course of pre-biotics in order to repopulate the good bacteria removed from the gut. She also gave me some fantastic diet advice to help the ailments the tongue and stool analysis had uncovered.

The Result:

Immediately I could see that my stomach had been flattened and I had indeed lost three pounds. This is not, however a quick fix for weight loss; each patient’s programme is bespoke to their needs and the main aim is to cleanse the digestive tract which impacts on our skin, eyes, serotonin levels, concentration levels and immune system. The following day my eyes were brighter and my skin clearer. It’s official; I have been converted.

Treatments start from £80 per session. Courses are advised.

Hydrohealing, 216a Kensington Park Road, London, W11; www.hydrohealing.com; 020 7727 2570

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