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Shop at Bluebird

Aromatherapie Massage at The Shop at Bluebird

The Blurb:

This signature treatment from the spa hidden within the King’s Road institution, Bluebird labels itself the ‘ultimate stress relief treatment’. Focusing on the face and body, the therapist uses specialist massage techniques on the autonomic nervous system and reflexotherapy points along the spine to induce a state of relaxation while stimulating blood and lymph circulation.

The overriding aim is to balance the chakra, which Indian medicine believes is the key to emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

The Process:

My therapist was incredibly passionate about the treatment, products and benefits. She started with a brief consultation, which delved into my health and wellbeing. After analysing my answers she deduced that I was slightly stressed and held pent-up anxiety, which can affect the nervous system and have a knock-on effect on the rest of the body. Using her knowledge of the Micheline Arcier products, she selected three oil combinations that she felt would benefit relaxation and I was asked to choose the one that I related to best. I chose the Elan Vital oil, which combines relaxing lavender with comforting rosemary and sage and promises to encourage blood circulation while easing away aches and pains. She spent the first few minutes carrying out a slightly odd spine massage to balance my chakra but this soon progressed onto a blissful full back massage, which lasted around 40 minutes. This was followed by a 20-minute shoulder, neck and face massage which concentrated on pressure points using a delicately fragranced rose oil; rose products suit all skin types and are nurturing and repairing, brilliant for rejuvenating tired skin.

The Result:

The products were fantastic quality, with the aromas penetrating deep into my senses and the oils themselves left my skin feeling nourished and comforted. The massage left me feeling so tranquil that for the first time at the end of a massage I felt in need of taking 10 minutes to collect my thoughts and ease myself back into the outside world.

Treatment costs £95 for one hour.

The Shop at Bluebird, 350 King’s Road; London, SW3; www.theshopatbluebird.com; 020 7351 3873

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