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Hamam room at Antara Spa

Cleopatra’s Royal Bath at The Antara Spa

The Blurb:

The Antara Spa is the new addition to The Chelsea Club, the leisure centre housed within Chelsea Football Club’s grounds, and it is already a hit with the WAGs. It aims to offer ‘a holistic journey for the mind, body and soul’, which includes an array of indulgent treatments from around the world. I opted for the Cleopatra’s Royal Bath, one of the Oriental treatments. Oriental therapies concentrate on addressing the body’s energy flow which is believed to be the ultimate determining factor for good health and wellbeing.

The Process:

I was led to the impressive Hammam room where a warm marble bed waited for me. The room was relaxing; low-lit with deep blue-tiled mosaic walls and a luxurious steam room to the rear.

The therapist positioned me on the bed and cleansed my face and then washed my entire body with nourishing Moroccan soap. I was then sent into the steam room for five minutes to let the oils work deeply into my skin and create a moisturising lather. Once rinsed, I was exfoliated with an indulgent mix of ground olive stones, rose oil and milk which was bliss until an uncomfortably harsh, rough mitt was thrown into the equation.  Once again I was sent into the steam room with a glass of iced water. My smooth skin was then covered in a hydrating mud wrap and while it worked its magic I was given a relaxing head massage using a deliciously fragrant geranium and rose oil from Aromatherapy Associates. After my last steam I had a small Moroccan teapot full of warm milk poured over my skin, as comforting as this was it did not really meet the expectations of the ‘rose petal milk bath’ that was promised in the treatment description. The treatment was finished with a rose oil full body massage and a facial using rose oil and sandalwood which smelt totally divine.

The Result:

Other than feeling slightly confused about where the milk and rose petal bath had emigrated to, I left the spa feeling radiant and relaxed. The spa is totally luxurious; as soon as you walk through the door you feel like you have entered a sanctuary. The treatment was blissful overall and left me with soft and supple skin. This is the ideal treatment to have a week before a winter break to get your skin in tip-top sunbathing condition or as a treat during the harsh winter months.

Ninety minutes for £150.

Antara Spa at The Chelsea Club, Stamford Bridge, London, SW6; www.antaraspa.com; 0871 223 1224

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