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The City Cleanse Facial at Skinwork, Soho

They Say

‘Complete with seven treatment areas, SKINWORK SOHO offers its results-driven treatments using the most effective components to deeply cleanse and boost radiance in the skin, including gentle manual extractions, deep facial massage, galvanic current and PCA Skin chemical peels. SKINWORK facials are known as THE gold standard in the beauty world and loved by the most discerning male and female facial devotees.

The City Cleanse Facial includes Anti-Bac Pore Extraction, Microdermabrasion, Antioxidant infusion, Lactic and Mandelic Perfecting Peel to deeply cleanse, resurface the skin, remove congestion, boost radiance and hydration levels, and calm the skin. This is designed for city skin and city schedules, with zero downtime.’

The Experience

SKINWORK is situated in a relatively quiet nook in the centre of Soho, at the bottom of the street food hub on Berwick Street – an unlikely oasis amongst the hustle and bustle of the district.

The design of the place is clean, with pastel greens and spacious surfaces containing their Instagram-worthy products. The treatment room is uncommonly spacious and even the massage table itself is heated, with a lift for your knees and a blanket in case you need it. I’m immediately relaxed from the heat on my back and shoulders and nothing has even happened yet.

Before we start, I am asked about my skincare routine, and we cover everything from sunscreen to serums. My face is double cleansed and then steamed using hot clothes (not a steamer, which can dry out your skin). I am then dowsed in a cotton vitamin C treatment and given an arm and shoulder massage, followed by a deep clean, which includes a Microdermabrasion. A very gentle Perfecting Peel is applied next and I barely feel a thing as my face is fanned with cool air. Finally, a moisturiser and SPF are applied and I’m sent back out into the world feeling as fresh as a daisy.

The Results

For months, I have been harbouring a clogged up maskne nose that just won’t quit, but just one trip to Skinworks and my pores are not only cleared up but my face is fresher, cleaner and – frankly – glowing. I feel like Lockdown has been sucked away using the latest in high-tech facial tools. No, skin isn’t everything, but it’s a good place to start…

The Details

A City Cleanse Facial is £175.00

Skinworks, 24 Peter Street, London W1F 0AH



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