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'Pain just isn’t part of the experience'

Cheek fillers at Belgravia Dermatology

The blurb

Fillers are hyaluronic-acid-based injections that can be used to add volume, correct asymmetries, and sculpt the face—all, amazingly, totally non-surgically.

Dr Harry and Dr Saj are the highly accomplished dermatologists behind Belgravia Dermatology in Sloane Square. With a combined 30 years’ experience between them, they are one of the most established and reputable dermatology practices in London.

The process

I first saw Dr Harry, who put a small amount of filler along my natural cheekbones, and a dash more centrally in one cheek to even out a natural discrepancy. I then saw Dr Saj a fortnight later to add a bit more width and bulk a little lower, just below my naturally already-high cheekbones. Both times were next-to-painless, and both doctors were perpetually patient, relentlessly reassuring and genuinely interested in the result I wanted.

I’ve had cheek fillers previously that were, in all honestly, fairly painful. Carried out by doctors who seemed to depend on me to tell them if they were putting their cannulas (don’t ask) along anatomically safe lines, according to my subjective pain level. As you might imagine, this was more than a little nerve-wracking, especially as I hadn’t been initiated into what a ‘safe’ level of pain would feel like, and, conversely, how much pain would indicate something terrible was happening to my face.

This experience had made me more than a little jumpy, but I needn’t have worried. It was all pretty irrelevant in this case, as pain just isn’t a part of the experience at Belgravia Dermatology. Just fantastic results and a lovely chat with personable, interested, world-class medics who both have an excellent eye.

The results

I left Belgravia Dermatology with the cheekbones of an angel.

The details

£385 per ml of hyaluronic acid filler

Belgravia Dermatology, Wilbraham Place Practice, 9A Wilbraham Place, SW1X 9AE
An additional Belgravia Dermatology has just opened at 6 Ludgate Square London, EC4M 7AS; 0207 112 8622

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