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BeauBronz Spray Tan at Beauty Clinic

The Blurb:

BeauBronz Ltd is ‘an environmentally-aware company with a progressive approach to the beauty industry’. Although not totally organic, their products are 95 per cent natural, paraben-free and contain certified organic ingredients. The woman behind the company is Abigail Oleck, who has worked as a tanning expert on television shows including BBC’s Fat Nation, Tantastic, Celebrity Scissorhands and ITV’s This Morning, if you fancy checking out the BeauBronz handywork before you sign up.

The Process:

As instructed I arrived in my dark, loose fitting clothing i.e. the scruffiest outfit I could find, so I was surprised when they let me through the door of the Intercontinental, Park Lane. When asked about what shade of tan I would like, I carefully stressed the fact that I wanted a very natural look. As a girl with a pale, English rose complexion I was very aware of looking ridiculous with even the slightest tan. BeauBronz differs from other tanning sprays because of the three stages; exfoliation to prime the skin, tan and then a moisture lock-in spray. My tanning technician decided to spray me with a special BeauBronz range that has a pink undertone to better match my natural body tones.

The Result:

I had unfortunately chosen the hottest day of the year so far to attempt a spray tan, so words of advice such as not to sweat were difficult to adhere to – I was pretty much guaranteed that even breathing was going to make me sweat. However, I did find that the tan managed to stay pretty much unaffected by the heat of the day apart from the fact that I was unable to fully dry in the salon and found myself with spray tan still sitting on my hairs which rubbed off onto my skin in rather odd patterns.

As the treatment contains a cosmetic tanning spray as well, I did not have to wait for it to develop to enjoy my new bronzed bod. It did feel great to be a nice, natural brown colour (and not orange) and it really evened up my odd tan marks. It lasted for about six days with only a few patches where I’d somehow managed to rub it off. Having not used any of the after care products, the tan did start to crack and unevenly rub off after six days, but I suppose that means that I should go in and have it done regularly. It was only my mother, Mrs Au Naturel Organic, who said that my ankles didn’t look right, but I think that is the danger of any spray tan.

Around £30; takes 15–20 minutes.

Available from Beauty Clinic, 128 Hammersmith Road, London, W6; 020 8741 7904 and 413A Fulham Palace Road, London, SW6; 020 7736 7676

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