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Alchemy of Deep Senses Treatment, Krisztina Karanyicz

The Blurb:

I first heard about Krisztina Karanyicz through a tip-off from within the holistic healing community, which is often a good sign. A top facilitator in Transformational Breath, suggested I treat myself to a session with her. ‘What Krisztina does is a different ballgame from regular massage,’ she said. ‘You have to go to experience it. She is one of the best bodywork therapists in London’.

So I did. And having tried it, I have to agree, Krisztina is one of the best bodywork therapists I’ve met, and what she does goes beyond ‘regular’ massage. Let me explain…

For my session, I went to Kirsztina’s home in Willesden Green – she also practices in other London locations in Marylebone. With its low lighting and minimal clutter, her place is just like a zen-like spa, setting the tone for the work. As I had filled in a health questionnaire in advance, she was aware of my main concerns: to strengthen my immune system, because, despite a healthy diet and regular exercise in the form of yoga, Pilates, and cardiovascular workouts, I had niggling health issues, particularly around digestion.

Krisztina outlines her approach: she is a firm believer in the idea that thoughts and feelings can impact us in the physical realm – our ‘energy field’ as she calls it – and play a big influence in our daily existence. She uses a whole toolbox of healing techniques she has learnt since leaving her home near the Carpathian Mountains to move to London at the age of 20. One is ‘theta brainwork’, which she describes as ‘an energy frequency modality grounded in quantum physics that can support one to change easily, quickly and effectively.’ She adds: ‘It uses the body’s electro-magnetic field in the muscles to access the subconscious mind and identify and shift negative patterns and limiting beliefs.’ These can ​apparently block us from enjoying optimum health, balance, wellbeing, and fulfilling one’s potential and authentic direction. I’ll buy into that.

Other techniques in her toolbox include Thai yoga bodywork; advanced deep tissue and neuro-muscular remedial bodywork; energy medicine, or reiki alpha frequency work; and hot stones, which can help to purify, heal, strengthen and rejuvenate.

Having stripped, I cover myself in warmed towels and lie on the therapy table waiting for the start of one of Krisztina’s signature treatments – Alchemy of Deep Senses. ‘This combines physical bodywork and theta-brainwave energy work,’ she says. ‘It may feel like a journey through the mind or the senses, and can be a catalyst for change.’ She says I may feel a shift in my energy field, and see colours or images in my mind’s eye.

The work can help the receiver to change unsuitable patterns, fears, and perceptions, she says, while the ‘deep and detailed massage techniques iron out the physical ripples in the bodily structure’.

Krisztina pours some delicious smelling oils into her palms (I can detect geranium and lavender) and begins to work over my back, with firm pressure (she asks me to say if it’s too much). She expertly seeks out and manipulates pressure points and tight muscles. It definitely feels as if she’s releasing knotted muscles. Then she hits a very tight spot somewhere on the left on my back that she feels is a significant spot. “I sense it is connected to your tribe,’ she says. ‘I feel you are being held back and it would be best for you to let go of some of these ties.’ She says we can inherit patterns and ‘stuff’ from our families going back over 10 generations and even though it’s in the distant past, it can impact our daily lives. ‘When we open up as a result of this work, we can get quite interesting insights into ourselves.’

For most of the treatment I feel as if I’m in a dream state – that’s because I’m entering theta brainwave mode, she says. It feels similar to meditation, and like meditation I’m relaxed yet fully aware. At times the massage is so intense it is tipping towards painful – I know I can stop it or​have the intensity turned down at any moment, but instead I breathe into the spot she is working on, and trust it will be good for me. She says, the body holds negative patterns in the muscles that are like ‘weeds in the garden – if you don’t pull them out at the root they will probably come back’. I endure the discomfort of this ‘weeding’ process and trust I will have my rewards in post-treatment heaven.

Krisztina says that as she works on clients she sees the energetic fields around them, fields that are vibrating (the frequency aspect of the work), and she works to encourage energy shifts. As she asks for change to happen, I do feel something shift – I feel quite emotional, even tearful as I recall childhood moments of feeling neglected and abandoned: rationally I know know this wasn’t strictly the case, but my inner child seems to (stridently) disagree.

Krisztina finishes with hot stones, smooth and specially selected pebbles that she has hunted down from sites around the world, including Tenerife in the Canary Islands and in her native Hungary. Having these lined up along my spine, warming my bones and helping my muscles relax, is a delicious sensation.

Some clients only require one session like this to process a negative emotional or pattern that has got ‘stuck’ in their ‘personal story’; others might benefit from a further 2-3 sessions.

We discuss what I have felt during the session – I really sensed something negative and old as myself being released. She says she felt a change too and seems genuinely pleased for me. Lovely lady that she is. she ends the session with some beautiful healing sounds, and offers me a deck of Angel cards: the one I pick is Insight: ‘That is about having the capacity to discern the true nature of a situation – an understanding that is often sudden and clear if you look deep inside yourself and respect your intuition.’ With this treatment, that seems to be perfectly apt.

The results

My Alchemy of Deep Senses treatment lasted two hours. Afterwards I have a deep sense of peace and empowerment, a feeling of being more comfortable in my own skin. I literally glide along the pavement, and everything on this London summer evening looks 10 times brighter. The physical benefits last a day or so before the negative impact of screens and city stress start to creep in again. A more lasting benefit is a sense that something that I felt had been holding me back has now gone. I also contacted a voice in myself that had been buried and needed to be expressed; in my mind that is all about moving me to a healthier place.

The details

Alchemy of Breath treatments last between 1 and 2.5 hours, and cost from £100.
Involution Therapies – Krisztina Karanyicz – Willesden Green/Marylebone, +44 7967 914 985, www.involutiontherapies.com, email: krisztina@involutiontherapies.com

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