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Daniel Galvin Keratin Hair Treatment

The blurb

“Is your hair straight, curly, or wavy?” – its actually just slightly frizzy with a random kink somewhere in-between. I cant get through a day without straightening my hair at one point or another. Although my hair is in good condition considering the stress I put it through on a daily basis, I would do anything to stop.

The process

After reading a dozen articles on keratin treatments and Brazilian blow dries I was sold on the idea of consistently straight and frizz free hair. I wasn’t too sure on the difference between the two but knew that either one would resolve my problem, so I booked myself in to  try out Daniel Galvin’s Keratin Treatment.

I met with my stylist Billie, who took me through the method and what it would do for me after. I’d read some horror stories of strong smelling steam that make your eyes water but Billie reassured me that the latest technology meant the experience wasn’t unpleasant at all.

I was left with Keratin soaked hair for an hour before my hair was blow dried and gone over with straighteners to lock in the goodness.

The results

I left the salon with slightly greasy hair (to be expected) and told to not get it wet or kink it for 3 days. The days passed and my freshly washed hair was kink and frizz free; only needing a light going over with my own straighteners (force of habit). My hair looked great and was in better condition than it was before.

The details

Daniel Galvin Keratin Treatment prices starting from £275 for short hair; 58 – 60 George Street, W1U 7ET; 0207 486 9661; www.danielgalvin.com

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