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'Two weeks later, thanks to Dr Bela’s magic needles, [my eyebrows] are perfectly symmetrical'

Q&A: Expert Beauty Commentary from Dr Bela Horvath

I don’t really have fine lines or wrinkles, but my face seems to be heading south. What would you recommend for sagging facial contours?

The aging process involves the deep fat pads of the face; they shrink in some locations and enlarge in others. Mainly the shrinkage of the malar fat pads results in the volume loss of the mid-face and as the cushioning of the tissues decreases they collapse and move south. We can revolumise these fat pads, thus contour the face (cheek, chin) with hialuron acid non-permanent fillers.

I have really fair skin and have noticed more and more blotchy freckles appearing, despite religious use of sunscreen. Can you treat hyperpigmentation?

Is the sunscreen use religious or generous? The more generous the better, since most people don’t use enough, thus the UV rays can penetrate through and cause photo damage.

The treatment of hyperpigmentation can be challenging, especially on skin of colour. Creams (containing retinol and hydroquinone), chemical peels and sometimes laser resurfacing can be effective.

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Skin aging on the face

I work long hours and am beginning to see lines that make me look old before my time… I’m wondering about trying injectables, but am unsure of the difference between botox and fillers. How do they differ, and how would I know which to choose?

Fine lines can be treated either with botox or fillers, it is dependent mainly on the location. Botox is a muscle relaxant protein while the non-permanent HA fillers fill in or revolumise the tissues.

Fillers can be placed deeply and more superficially (like skinboosters when they are placed in the skin.) HA — hyaluronic acid — acts like a sponge: absorbs water and functions as a cushion. More about botox and fillers can be found on our website. Botox can also be used for the treatment of excess sweating.

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