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Q&A: Expert Beauty Commentary from Dr Bela Horvath

We’re often told how great an influence lifestyle has on how we age. Do you see a marked difference in the looks of patients who take care of themselves on the inside?

Diet (processed sugars), smoking, too much exercise or lack of exercise, body weight, stress, environmental factors (sun) are all very important re aging. There is a big difference depending on these in how we look, how we age, how our skin heals, etc.

Some plastic surgeons simply deny surgery for those who smoke, because they cannot guarantee proper healing since the fine vessels in the skin are so damaged.

I’ve lost and gained a considerable amount of weight over the years and my once pert breasts are looking droopy and sad. Is there anything that can be done, or is surgery the only option?

A little bit of improvement can be achieved with botox, but this a surgical issue. It is important to wear a bra during night sleep to prevent crease formation across the décolletage.

Cellulite. Can it be fixed, or only prevented?

It can be fixed within certain boundaries, mainly with radio frequency, ultrasound and some agents that improve local circulation and metabolism.

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