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Q&A: Expert Beauty Commentary from Dr Bela Horvath

I’m a 34 year old male, and already partially bald. Is there an alternative to hair plugs? Or is it too late once most of the hair is lost?

Minoxidil 5% can be used at the first sight of baldness. Once the follicles are dead only surgery can help; difficult issue.

I’m a 26 year old female with several dark hairs that grow on my chin. I pluck them daily but they’re really getting me down. I had laser hair removal years ago but they’ve come back. I’ve also been screened for PCOS, which I don’t have, so am wondering where to go from here?

In this case electrolysis can help, which is done by a professional who places a tiny needle with an electric current in the hair follicles one by one. Although if the hair is dark there is a higher chance of laser working, so I would ask the patient exactly how the laser treatment was performed to determine if repeated laser treatment might suffice.

I’ve never broken my nose, but it twists slightly and bulges to one side. I’m not sure if the fuller side is the shape of the bone or cartilage, or whether this is actually more of a skin issue? Is it possible for skin to be fleshier on one side of the nose, and can this be treated with a deep peel or a laser?

Skin cannot be fleshier on one side. This can be caused by septal deformity. It needs to be examined, but most skin related conditions that deform the nose are symmetrical (like rhinophyma).

On one foot my toenails grow outwards like hooves. I was told I must have damaged the nail matrix at some point and they will never grow normally again. Is this true, and can I still have a normal pedicure?

Yes, if the matrix has been damaged the nail will be abnormal too. It makes it more susceptible to fungal infections. Also, many skin conditions involve the nails so it is worth looking for other symptoms too.

One can still have a pedicure though, certainly.

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