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'Two weeks later, thanks to Dr Bela’s magic needles, [my eyebrows] are perfectly symmetrical'

Q&A: Expert Beauty Commentary from Dr Bela Horvath

I don’t yet have any obvious signs of ageing, but it’s very important to me to keep it that way. Aside from lifestyle and my home skincare routine. what would be the best treatment I could have to keep me looking younger longer?

If there are no signs of aging it means you are young! In this case prevention is the most important step (sun protection, diet, exercise, non-smoking, proper skincare, etc).

Once the sings of aging appear they can be treated, but it is important not to get too crazy about it. The aim is not to look younger, but age the way we want. Aging is good — if we don’t age, that means we die young.

What’s the difference in how a dermaroller treatment works and mesotherapy?

Skin needling works solely via the needle pricks and the healing process they initiate, while mesotherapy involves the needle pricks and simultaneous delivery of active ingredients — natural extracts, pharmaceuticals, hyaluronic acid and vitamin complexes — too.

I have fair skin, red hair, and hundreds and hundreds of moles across my body. What are the main things to look for when checking for skin cancer? Looking for any changes is unrealistic, as there’s no way I can remember the shape of close to a thousand moles…

The best thing is to look for the ‘ugly duckling sign’: if there is anything that differs from the rest of the moles in any way (darker, larger, more asymmetrical, changing) it needs to be shown to a specialist immediately to rule out the chance of a deadly melanoma.

In your case the lifetime risk for a melanoma is very high, so regular mole checks are highly recommended, especially the mole mapping type, when each and every mole is recorded and compared individually.

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