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Q&A: Expert Beauty Commentary from Dr Bela Horvath

I have heard botox can be used as a preventative method to stop creases on the face developing, and even reverse wrinkles that have started to appear. Is this true, and if so at what stage or age should one start tackling the lines?

This is true; furthermore migraines, depression and excess sweating can also be treated with botox. The treatment of lines should be started when the first lines appear—this happens at different times for different people.

This is very important: we are only talking about the upper third of the face in this case, where the botox works in this regard.

I feel as though the skin over my eyes is drooping down onto my eyelids; there seems to be less definition than there used to be. Is there anything simple or non-surgical that can be done to counter this?

Some improvement can be achieved through botox treatment (lifting the brows) and fillers (giving support to the muscles around the eyes). But when it is severe it should be treated surgically, although the procedure is very simple and heals beautifully.

I have bad circulation, especially noticeable in these colder months. What can I do to help improve my circulation in my extremities?

This is a genetically predisposed condition mainly. Activity and warm clothes can help, but there is not too much can be done otherwise.

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