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Organic supplements

Organic Supplements

  1. Spirulina by Organic Burst. Derived from freshwater algae, spirulina is a protein-rich superfood that has been shown to deliver a whole array of positive effects, from helping balance sugar levels, cholesterol and blood pressure to regulating mood and sleeping patterns. It may even reduce the sneezing and sniffing of seasonal allergies! From £10.99; www.organicburst.com/spirulina
  2. Acai Berry by Organic Burst. A firm favourite of online diet spam websites and emails, acai berries are nevertheless something of a wonder fruit, with one of the highest antioxidant levels of all fruit and vegetables ever tested. These antioxidants buffer your skin against the effects of ageing and protect cells from free radical damage. Acai also helps regulate cholesterol levels and, yes, it is claimed can play a role in weight loss in conjunction with diet and exercise. From £18.99; www.organicburst.com/acai
  3. Chlorella by Organic Burst. Perhaps less well-known than the other two, chlorella is a microscopic algae that is a naturally high source of vitamin D, folic acid, and iron – great for general renewal as well as immune and digestive health. Its high levels of zinc promote skin, hair and nails and the iodine in it is ideal for maintaining normal thyroid and nervous system function. Additionally, it is a great support to the liver, able to remove not only common contaminants but even heavy metals such as mercury from the bloodstream – and some studies have shown that chlorella taken before a night of heavy drinking reliably prevents hangovers! From £11.99; www.organicburst.com/chlorella


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