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Summer Hair Protection from Electric Hair

This summer sees a return to laid back effortless style, post-festival season the pony-tail is still going strong and hats reign supreme, which is good news for our hair. We all love being out in the sunshine but UV rays damage the hair, causing dryness, breakages and loss of colour. This summer make sure you’re keeping your head protected.

If you’ve spent all your time soaking up the rays, why add more heat to your hair? Try air-drying instead. The beach is all about effortless style so apply some light gel or a paste and curl or ruffle the hair with your fingers for a relaxed look. For a more defined look try plaiting your tresses while still wet and unleash gorgeous waves later, smaller braids will give you tight curls, whereas big thick braids will give you gorgeous beach style waves.


Sun damage is caused by ultraviolet light, which breaks apart the melanin pigment in your hair (which is why our hair goes lighter in the sun!). A loss of melanin speeds up the ageing process, thinning the hair. While out and about this summer raid your accessories drawer and work this season’s hottest hats: fedoras, floppy, straw, wide brimmed, they all work for protecting your hair and scalp from sun damage. If hats aren’t your thing try a head scarf or wrap, pick up a brightly coloured, patterned number or work the vintage trend with your mum’s old scarf!

Hair coverings

Try brushing your hair back, securing in a ponytail with no parting to prevent your scalp from being exposed and dabbing suncream along the hair line. Sunburnt scalp? No thank you!


Deep conditioning treatments are vital in the summer to stop the brittle drying effect you get from one too many days on the beach Try using your go-to deep treatment a couple of times a week instead of once over the summer months, our Intensive Treatment Masque (£23.50) is perfect for this.

Another great tip is to cover your hair with a leave in conditioner and rock the wet look for the day, slick back your hair and add oversized sunnies (don’t use our Treatment Masque for this as it leaves your pores exposed!).

Or keep liberally applying our Preparation Spray (£15.50) on wet hair as often as you would apply your sun cream to protect from the UV rays, it’s an essential in your beach bag.


It’s time to talk shampoo: Dial back your shampoo used over the summer months as it can do more harm than good, stripping the hair of its moisture. Experts say a sulphate-free shampoo can prevent dryness and keep your hair glossy as sun exposure increases dryness and reduces the strength of your hair.

While lounging by the pool be wary of chlorine, it’s like kryptonite for your hair! It contains bleach, so when you’re splashing about you’re stripping your hair of its colour: make sure to rinse after swimming. Also, our old friend the leave-in conditioner is here to save us, apply before you head to the pool and it acts like a barrier to the chlorine. For a quick solution, wet your hair with fresh water before swimming and the chlorine won’t absorb as easily.

It seems you’re not safe at the beach either, salt water raises the hair cuticle (the protective layer) and lets your colour pigment escape, making your hair appear dull and lacklustre. Don’t worry though, this sort of damage is only common if you’re swimming in the sea on a regular basis, just make sure to rinse your hair afterwards.

Our favourite products for summer:


1. Kérastase Soleil Masque UV Defense Active — “Beautify sun damaged hair with this aftersun treatment that replenishes dry hair, especially in areas that need it most”. Don’t forget about your aftersun treatments, what you do each night can save your hair from damage while out in the sun during the day.

2. Electric Preparation Spray — “This light leave-in conditioner is packed with nourishing oils combined with intelligent UV and heat protecting ingredients”. Skin needs constant sun-protection and so does our hair. This conditioning spray protects the hair from UV damage that prematurely ages follicles and reduces colour in the hair, both natural and treated.

3. Electric Intensive Treatment Masque — “Full of moisturising lipids and vegetable proteins, for supremely smooth and glossy results”. This masque can be used pre and post holiday in order to keep hair in the best condition before and after your trip. With a trio of oils, this masque promises moisture and is perfect for restoring the lost moisture from UV exposure.

4. Electric Shaping Paste — Let’s not forget the men! “Style, shape and define your look with confidence using this endlessly versatile paste. Designed to give a silk textured finish, this unique styling system keeps hold while allowing hair to move freely”. This paste helps to mold your hair without too much grip, something that is essential for any man on holiday so as not to be weighed down by hair product

5. Batiste Dry Shampoo — “Gives an instant hair refresh, banishes oil and boosts body with a coconut and exotic fragrance”. Perfect for giving you some lift and banishing a sweaty hairline.

Electric Hair, 29 Thayer St, London W1; www.electric-hair.com; 020 7935 0015

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