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It’s not all about pay: five things that make employers look attractive

While looking for a job, potential candidates aren’t just looking at the salary up for grabs—although this is an important factor, of course. They are seeking companies (and it doesn’t matter if they’re looking at call centre jobs or a top end accounting firm position) that offer something more than a good wage. Here are the five things that will make you look attractive:

1. Fun

More and more companies are investing in fun when it comes to keeping their employees happy. From ping pong tables to birthday cakes to quarterly parties to celebrate the company, those looking for work want somewhere that can let its hair down with its staff.

Of course, this fun has an underlying message—teamwork! Just try not to make it too forced, not everyone enjoys climbing on inflatables covered in washing up liquid as a team bonding exercise.

2. Rewards

Staff want to be praised for their hard work, so a clear rewards system in place that you can shout about will help a workplace look attractive. This could be a monthly voted employee of the month or a bottle of champers for making the most sales; just be sure to note these in the job description. A good employee benefits system can make your company stand out from the crowd and attract the best applicants.

3. Healthcare

Many companies are now signing up with healthcare providers such as Bupa, which allows employees free basic healthcare such as dental appointments, optician’s check-ups and even physiotherapy. Knowing that your £40 dental check-up is covered is a great feeling and definitely something that could make an employer more attractive. And then there’s the basics, having the best first aid kits available in workplaces can make a huge difference to employee peace of mind: you can read about the UK options here if you feel like you would like to get a couple for your business.


4. Working environment

Your office space makes a big difference to your employees so if you take care to create somewhere that they can enjoy spending time in, that will make you much more attractive. No, you don’t have to install a slide between floors or a bean bag area (although these things are pretty cool, despite what the spoilsports might say).

Just ensure the walls are clean and fresh, the desks are open plan and include everything those working at them need, and that you also invest money in the seating. There’s nothing worse than a scratchy, uncomfortable office chair. Plenty of light is also key; we can all look back to that dim grimy office we probably started working life in and shudder at the thought of anyone else having to go through the same thing.

West London is home to a variety of flexible office solutions, from all-inclusive serviced offices to co-working hubs located in highly sought-after locations.

5. Training opportunities

Those looking to climb the career ladder will be looking for an employer that offers a good amount of training and offers to cover the costs. This is attractive for both parties; employees feel like their ambitions are taken seriously and encouraged while the company invests in its workers, who can only get better as a result.

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