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4 Causes Of Sagging Breasts And How To Deal With Them

Breast sagging, medically known as breast ptosis, is a common occurrence for many women as they age. While this is a natural issue that affects all women, the changes in breast shape and appearance that come with ptosis can negatively impact your body image and self-esteem.

Though sagging breasts are a natural part of the ageing process, the psychological effects can be significant for some women. You may feel self-conscious about your changing body and may start avoiding intimacy or situations where your breasts or cleavage are exposed, such as wearing figure-hugging outfits or going swimming.

Some experience embarrassment, lowered self-confidence, anxiety surrounding intimacy, and even depression in severe cases. The mental and emotional toll breast ptosis can take is often an overlooked aspect of this physical change.

Sagging breasts can also be a key cause of breast pain, which can be uncomfortable and difficult to deal with.

Some women may experience breast sagging even before they age for various reasons. These are some common causes of breast sagging besides ageing and simple ways to deal with them.

Weight Loss

When you lose weight, you could find that your skin loses elasticity and While good bras can help mitigate the issue, you may find that the only solution is breast surgery. Andrew Pieri offers breast uplifts to easily mitigate the effects of breast ptosis, and the results can last many years. Breast lift surgery can change the appearance of your breasts and make them look fuller and more voluptuous, helping you to adapt to your new post-weight loss body.

Breast Size

As obvious as it may sound, larger, heavier breasts are more prone to sagging due to gravity. There are several ways to deal with this issue, including considering breast reduction surgery. Alternatively, strength training the chest muscles may help you to tone your breasts and provide more support. Also, getting a better bra that provides more support throughout your chest could be a good idea. However, if you like the size of your breasts, then uplift surgery could again be the right choice for you.

Lack Of Support

For younger women, another common reason for breast sagging that isn’t caused by a natural issue is a lack of support from your bra. It’s estimated that around 81% of women wear the wrong size bra, which can be incredibly uncomfortable as well as cause your breasts to sag faster than they would if you had the right support. To ensure your bras are all the right size and that they give your breasts the support they need, visit an underwear store that offers in-house bra fitting. Their specialists can help you understand your bra size and the different types of bras you may need to wear, such as sports bras for high-impact exercise.

Natural Ageing

One issue that can’t be prevented is ageing. As you get older, your breasts will naturally sag, especially if you have a larger chest. While breast surgery or the right bra can help, you may need to come to terms with the fact that your breasts are going to sag as you get older. Like wrinkles and other signs of ageing, sagging breasts should be embraced and viewed as an indicator of a life well-lived.

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