Christopher Kane S/S 12
Christopher Kane S/S 12

Fashion for Fitness

Sheer Beauty: toning the torso

At Christopher Kane there was an explosion of flowery stickers beneath a bed of sheer organza, while Marios Schwab used lace panels to create a smouldering vintage feel.

Plank / press-up combo:

Perform a set of wide elbow press-ups followed by a plank (either staying on your knees or a full plank if you are feeling strong). Try to hold the plank for at least 30 seconds, unless you need to stop to reset your position. Be sure to use the ribcage placements and deeper abdominal activation techniques. Follow immediately with narrow press-ups and then another plank. Try to give yourself minimal rest between the press-ups and planks.

Repeat twice with a minute’s rest in-between.;; 020 8969 9677


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