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The biggest food trends in London right now

Okay, okay, so for some food trends are a bit too ‘hipster’. But food trends often give way to some of the most fun and inventive meals around. So don’t be afraid to mix it up! In this list, we’ll be chronicling some of the best and most fun food trends currently around in London and how and where you can find them. And guess what? They’re all related to sweet treats.

The Cronut

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This is really one of the original food trends, and it took its time to make it to the UK. The cronut started out in New York and was the brainchild of Dominic Ansel of Dominic Ansel bakeries. This hybrid between a croissant and a doughnut took the world by storm, with people lining up for hours at a time just to get a taste of this unique treat.

The recipe took Ansel multiple tries but he persisted and was rewarded with a phenomenon and worldwide fame, as his interview to shows. It was also what triggered part of the mash-up food phenomenon, also known as hybrid food. Cheeseburger Pizza, anyone?


Milkshakes have always been a popular treat, but in the last couple of years we’ve seen them really step up in quality and creativeness. London is home to some of the best milkshakes around. Companies like Sblended know that the secret to a good milkshake is often decadence – their signature Cookie Monster Shake blends Kit Kats, oreo and chocolate chip cookies all into one delicious shake.

Of course, if you’re more into healthy drinks then you don’t have to miss out either! Pho street has the answer with their avocado milkshakes. While you might think of avocados as more savoury than sweet, the fruit is actually a neutral ingredient, meaning it can be flavoured towards sweet or savoury. If you’ve only ever had avocado with salty and savoury ingredients, then this milkshake will definitely help you see a whole new side to the superfruit.

You don’t even have to leave the house to experience these great treats, with both of these stores being available to order on, together with other milkshake and dessert-focused restaurants.

Image by Sblended


Okay, so you may be asking—aren’t milkshakes and freakshakes one and the same? But our answer would have to be definitely not! While milkshakes are definitely a drink, freakshakes straddle the line between drink and dessert. The freakshake is a milkshake piled high with desserts to complement the drink.

For example, Maxwell’s Bar and Grill features an exceptionally sweet Unicorn Shake—a bubblegum shake topped with candyfloss, marshmallows and a range of sweets. There are even vegan freakshakes! Canvas Cafe features a range of these shakes, with flavours ranging from chocolate to avocado—all topped with a range of sprinkles and baked goods. Certainly one of the most Instagramable food trends, the rise of the freakshake has been swift and highly popular on social media.

So what did you think of our list? Will you be trying any of these food trends? Which is your favourite? Let us know!

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