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Supermarket Sarah

Supermarket Sarah


Sarah Bagner, aka Supermarket Sarah, on running a quirky boutique from her home and never standing still.

How did the name, Supermarket Sarah, come about?

It’s a fun spin on consumerism. I love the idea of a supermarket and an abundance of things but of course everything I sell is one-of-a-kind and unique.

What inspired you to start a shop in your own home?

It was simply the nearest thing to me. Also, my mother is an artist and she was always curating her walls. Initially I started the website to showcase my portfolio in August 2009 and last month I had my pop-up shop in Selfridges.

Do you worry about home security?

My parents did, but my shop-in-my-home is by appointment only. I wanted to create an intimate experience and a good shop recreates that home feel anyway.

What were you up to before this?

I worked in the digital sphere of advertising.

Why did you choose Ladbroke Grove?

I grew up in this area and I’ve been living in this house for four or five years.

Who are your design heroes?

Stylist Fred Butler, who curated our first walls last year. He is so creative, but also an amazing connector and blogger, as well as humble and kind. Bethan Laura Wood is a Designer in Residence at the Design Museum – she’s hot property. She makes beautiful wallpaper, scarves and necklaces and is a vintage hoarder. I also admire designer Donna Wilson. She curated a wall with me – it felt like being kids, playing together. I think I reached my creative peak at eight years old!

Do you have design ambitions?

I want to launch some Supermarket Sarah products. I’ve started revamping old statues with bright colours.

What do you love about vintage?

I love the memories and stories attached to vintage objects. Also, the sellers are so nice at markets and car boot sales.

What’s the best part of your job?

Working with the designers and with the clients. I also enjoy the press side of my job – I suppose because what I offer is a personal story, so it’s quite easy to sell.

And the worst part of your work?

My boyfriend will often come home to a jam-packed home – fortunately he’s laidback.

What’s your philosophy on life?

Do it and then think about it. I used to think about things for ages, but my ideas stayed in my work books. If you start something it’ll change along the way anyway.

What’s it like running a Portobello stall?

That’s where my work started. I just run it on Fridays, which is when the stylists and celebs are about.

Have any celebrities shopped at your stall?

Damon Albarn cycled up to my stall and bought a Jesus Loves banner; Lene Nystrøm Rasted [Barbie from Danish pop-group Aqua] bought a sailor’s hat.

What’s next?

I now have a studio in Battersea and I’ll be curating a wall for Selfridges every month, which will feature on my blog. Selfridges is really forward thinking; they’ve really caught onto the new way of seeing blogging.

www.supermarketsarah.com; blog.supermarketsarah.com; hello@supermarketsarah.com

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