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Pearl Lowe


Olivia Allwood-Mollon chats to Pearl Lowe about her new swimsuit collection!

Your range is inspired by your house by the sea – can you tell us more about the house, and how it came about?

I have always dreamt of owning a property by the sea. I spent hours during lockdown looking on the internet for a coastal home. One night I stumbled across a pretty wooden house. It wasn’t an area I had thought about. The next day I called the estate agent and convinced him to let us have a look that day. The minute I walked into the house, I knew instantly it was the one. It’s down a bumpy road which is the only access to the beach. So it’s really quiet! It’s completely charming!

Your swimwear is very 1950s – if you could live in any period of history, when would you choose and why?

I love 50s swimwear! Although it’s the 20s I would choose as the era I’d transport back to if I could. I love the clothes, art deco furniture, the hairstyles.

You were originally known as a singer – can you tell us more about this period in your life?

I was a singer for many years and I loved it! But as soon as I met my husband and our family grew, I found it hard to leave the children to go on tour. It was heart-wrenching! So I subconsciously found another career.

Where are your pieces made and by whom?

I always use local seamstresses in Somerset. I like to give them work and it means I can work closely with them too.

What is the philosophy behind your designs?

I always create flattering styles! I have never been able to wear designer clothes, as I’m not stick thin and the shapes never suit my body. So I design clothes for fuller bodies! But of course, skinny girls can wear them too!

How did you choose to decorate your pool house and why?

We put the pool in the existing decking, so we worked around the Hamptons look. It doesn’t feel like you’re in England when you’re there!

Do you have a favourite piece from the new designs?

I love the Lucy leopard print swimsuit and hat!

Who are your favourite fashion and interior designers?

My favourite fashion designer is Vivienne Westwood! I have been buying pieces from her collection since I was 15 years old. She is a true innovator! One of a kind!

Where is your favourite place in the world?

I love Greece! The turquoise sea, the Greek food, the kind people & no long haul flights to get there!

What’s next?

I have a jewellery collaboration and a knitwear collaboration. My very own wallpaper collection and I will be adding pieces to my antiques and vintage, home and fashion line!


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