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Tara Nash-King

Chic & Seek


Vintage fashion enthusiast Tara Nash-King on Champagne cocktails and '90s Chanel

What inspired the concept for Chic & Seek?

Mainly a frustration with eBay… I liked the idea of buying something pre-owned, but the clothes presented on eBay devalues designer brands and you can never be sure of the authenticity and fit. Dress agency-style businesses have always existed, but their stock wasn’t available to everyone, as most shops didn’t have a web presence. I wanted to make these beautiful affordable clothes available to all and design a simple and functional website displaying the clothes in a consistent and professionally photographed way.

Who is your style icon?

I wouldn’t say I have a style icon as such. I think there are many women whose style I admire from Grace Kelly and Catherine Deneuve to Nicole Richie and Kate Moss. I often find that my clients who sell their clothes with Chic & Seek are very inspirational style-wise.

Who is your favourite designer?

I have always loved Marc Jacobs. When I first discovered his shoes I remember being completely in awe of them! I always buy a few pieces each season. I love the colours and texture he uses in his designs and his sense of fun.

What is in your fridge at the moment?

Not a great deal – a couple of red peppers, carrots, butter, gherkins, ketchup, capers, olives, jams, tomato juice, sparkling water and half a bottle of white wine. I don’t even have any milk! It seems that supermarket shopping hasn’t been too high on my agenda in recent weeks.

What has been your best find so far?

I would say a beautiful navy jumbo Chanel 2.55 from the ’90s in perfect condition. It sold before it was photographed or uploaded to the website.

Where do you go for an after-work drink and what is your favourite tipple?

The newly opened Hurlingham on All Saints road is very close to Chic & Seek – super friendly staff and they have named a Champagne cocktail after Chic & Seek! I also love a classic Martini in The Electric.

What fashion item could you not live without?

An enormous collection of handbags. Not only are they practical pieces to help carry all my essentials, but an important part of accessorising an outfit. I think your choice of handbag says a lot about what kind of person you are.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Smoking. Grrr. I’m determined to quit again in the New Year though as I’ve just signed up for the Paris marathon.

How would you define west London fashion?

It’s a mixture of things; casual utilitarian, classic, Euro and boho chic.

How would you describe your personal style?

Classic and safe. I wear what suits my shape and like to accessorise with jewellery, scarves, watches and bags.

What’s the worst job you have ever had?

When I was at uni I did a merchandising job for 02 mobile phones. I had to walk around satellite towns with a trolley suitcase full of leaflets and flyers and set them up in places like Comet and Dixons. Glam!

What celebrity would you most like to style and why?

Gwyneth Paltrow. I would love to meet her. She would look amazing in everything and I think she would love the concept of Chic & Seek – recycling fashion and spending consciously.

What are your aspirations for the rest of the year?

To keep doing what I’m doing and continuing to build on the foundations which I have laid. I am currently working on an event in March that will be in Westbourne Church. It will be a giant pop-up sale to raise money for the Rugby Portobello Trust which is a great local charity and the event will also support up-and-coming designers and small businesses.


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