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Beverley Calvert, one half of the design duo behind Homebody


We meet Beverley Calvert, co-founder of Homebody - the luxury loungewear brand!

How did Homebody come about?

The concept behind Homebody began in 1999, the idea then and now was to create stylish and multi-functional clothes for men and women to wear around the home and to bed that felt as good as they look!

What makes Homebody different from other loungewear and athleisure brands?

We make all our fabrics from scratch here in the UK to be the softest possible on the skin and our USP is that clothing can really help you relax and reset for a great night’s sleep.

What’s your philosophy when it comes to production?

We believe in producing clothing in as environmentally friendly a way as possible – for example, we make locally in the UK, we only make to order and hold very little stock, and all our fabrics are created using fibres from sustainably grown beechwood forests.

Who designs your clothes?

I design the collections with my business partner Susannah Manning.

Who are your favourite designers/most worn brands in your wardrobe?

My favourite designers are those that create clothes for the long term – so that they can be passed on – I’m not interested in quick fixes and I’m a huge hoarder and everything eventually comes back in fashion!

My favourite designers are Isabel Marant, Tom Ford and I do love Balmain – having watched the documentary but that is because I want to adopt Olivier Rousteing!

How has Homebody evolved over the years?

We are the same brand we were when we began all those years ago and we have a dedicated Homebody wearer who returns each season for more because they love it but – we have added in our beautiful Liberty prints and our heavier weight loungewear adding to our mix of luxuriously soft lounge and sleepwear.

Where do you see Homebody in the future, anything in the pipeline?

Keeping with our sustainable ethos, we shall continue to make our clothing locally and to add to our beautiful fabrics.

Where are you based and why?

We are based in central London which allows us to visit our retail outlets as often as we need.

Do you have a favourite London memory?

I am born and bred in London and I think my favourite memory was taking my father to visit the Homebody collection in Harrods for the first time and how proud he was.

Describe your ideal day….

My ideal day is walking around The Tate Modern and getting inspired by all the wonderful art.

Where is your favourite place in the world and why?

My favourite place in the world is my bedroom- nothing better than climbing into bed with a good book and going under the covers! (wearing Homebody of course)

What three items would you take to a desert island?

A notebook, a drawing pen and a Billie Holiday album.

If you ruled the world for a day, what are the first things you’d do?

Stop climate change by making every country make a difference.

If you hadn’t started Homebody, what do you think you’d have ended up doing?

Be an artist.

Homebody is available from selected retailers, including Harrods, or online at www.homebody.co.uk

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