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Alana Murin


Olivia Allwood-Mollon interviews Alana Murin, Head of Ride at Psycle

How are Psycle’s Ride classes different from other spin classes?

Psycle Ride is an immersive and rhythm based experience. We don’t track metrics as we want you to focus primarily on getting into a state of flow. We believe this is where you can truly tap into your physical and mental potential. Our instructors are trained to coach and motivate you through an exceptional workout, with a carefully curated soundtrack.

Can you tell us more about Psycle’s studios?

At Psycle we place an incredible amount of importance and value on human connection and interaction, our entire team are incredibly community focused. It’s the kind of place you leave feeling better than when you arrived. Everything from your interaction with front of house staff, to your class and connection with the instructor, to your post class shower.

Do you find working out in a group helps morale?

There is something powerful about booking into a class and once the studio door closes and the class begins, you are able to commit to the workout without any distractions. Human connection offers a greater sense of purpose, belonging, reduces stress and increases overall happiness. To connect through shared experience with other people while working out, can improve not only our physical output but our overall wellbeing too.

What are Psycle at Home and Psycle Flex? Who would they suit?

For those who don’t want to give up their home-workout routine, Psycle at Home offers an immersive home workout experience, forever changing and enhancing how we are moving and feeling at home. Choose from Live and On-Demand classes and mix it up between our four disciplines; Ride, Barre, Strength and Yoga, for optimal results. Whichever class you choose, the energy of the trainer really translates beyond the screen, so you can get the most out of every workout, wherever you might be. Our new Psycle Flex membership is designed to give you the most flexible approach to your fitness, combining in-studio and at-home classes, so your workouts and wellbeing don’t ever have to be compromised.

Psycle at Home membership can be purchased for £35/monthly rolling or £240 for annual access. Psycle flex gives you access to 5 in-studio credits alongside unlimited access to Psycle at Home for £100/month.

What’s the best thing about working at Psycle?

The people and the sense of community. Being surrounded by an incredibly inspiring and passionate group of individuals on a daily basis, means that very little of what I do actually feels like work.

Do you think people need exercise more than ever, given the past year?

The power of human connection was important pre-lockdown but will be even more appreciated post lockdown. Group exercise offers a sure-fire way to supercharge your mood and Psycle is passionate about building a supportive community and encouraging people through seriously motivational, fun and uplifting experiences. We recently surveyed the Psycle community and 87% said they were ready to head back to studio post lockdown, as the in-house experience plays an integral part of enhancing their overall wellbeing.

What are you most looking forward to about being back in the studio?

People, music, connection. The indescribable energy and feeling you get from being in a dark room with loud music and real life people!

Do you feel each studio has its own community feel? Do these differ?

In a sense yes, but only slightly. There are of course regular faces we see at each studio that contribute to the individual feel of that studio, but there is a certain Psycle feel you get either way, regardless of which studio you come to.

And finally, what are your favourite things about Westbourne Grove and the surrounding area? Anything you’re particularly looking forward to seeing again?

I love how eclectic and vibrant the area is, there is a real sense that people have lived around the area for generations, it has that depth to it that you don’t often find in London. I obviously cannot wait to see the Psycle community, but I also can’t wait to take a slow stroll down from our studio after my 7.45am Tuesday class towards Portobello Road, stopping off for coffee in The Beam Room, or maybe even meeting a friend for breakfast in Granger & Co.


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