The Rough Guide to West London Roulette Players

For many people, roulette is the ultimate casino game. It’s glamorous, quick and easy to play and, if you get it right, the chances of a big win are there for you. There are also lots of different ways to approach the game – and how an individual plays can say a great deal about their personality and background. So we thought it was time to take a distinctly tongue-in-cheek look at how some typical West London residents might choose to play roulette in this distinctly non-exhaustive guide.

The Chiswick Chooser

Some people consider the leafy streets and avenues of Chiswick to be on the very cusp of West London before you move into the hinterlands of Hounslow, Brentford, and beyond. But it’s also just a short ride on the Piccadilly or District Lines to the West End.

So you might find that the Chiswick Chooser is used to enjoying the best of both worlds and this could well spill over into their approach to playing roulette at Paddy Power. They’ll be pleased to have so many different variations of the game to play from classic roulette to themed games and, when they want to enjoy more of the ambience of a real casino, there’s also a good range of live online casino games to choose from too.

The Hammersmith Hopeful

Moving a little further downstream along the Thames, we have the inhabitants of Hammersmith. It’s optimism that fires these individuals – it has to be when their only crossing point of the Thames isn’t likely to fully open again till 2027. So their roulette strategy is to pick numbers that are significant to them – birthdays, house numbers, how many times they’ve inadvertently been hit with the congestion charge or have been fined for accidentally driving in a bus lane round Hammersmith Broadway. It might not be the most scientific approach, but they live in hope.

The Notting Hill Number Cruncher

Notting Hill might have been given something of a bohemian, and many say unrealistic, air by the movie of the same name – all independent bookshops and smiling market stall owners. But, this is some serious real estate and to own property there takes some real know-how.

That kind of thing doesn’t happen by accident so you can expect the typical Notting Hill roulette player to be someone who works out all the angles and makes sure that they’re stacking the odds heavily in their own favour. So they’ll be constantly working out the probabilities, calculating their next move and keeping firmly in control.

The Barnes Banker

Barnes may be one of the most desirable and expensive areas of west London to live in. But, dare we say, it’s not exactly the most exciting place to be unless your idea of fun is feeding the ducks in its famous pond. So the Barnes roulette player is typically the sensible and cautious type, banking their winnings and and always going for the safer options of only ever betting on odds or evens, black or red.

And, with Hammersmith Bridge closed for so long, and Putney and Chiswick Bridges as the nearest alternatives, maybe that’s no bad thing when they have such a major detour ahead of them!

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