New online houseplant destination foli8 launches with UK first, the new premium online shopping destination for houseplants, launches this week into the UK with a first. Brits will now be able to buy houseplants from the UK’s leading plant stylists and biophilic designers of some of the UK’s most prestigious establishments, to create ‘living interiors’ at home. foli8 is the first houseplant delivery platform to sell houseplants directly in 100% natural and compostable pots.

Each year the UK gets through half a billion plastic pots; some can be recycled, however, many end up in landfill or are incinerated1. foli8 launches to help reduce plastic pot waste and help Brits protect both the planet and their plants by selling plants directly in their compostable, natural, coconut fibre pots*.

Stemming from two generations of horticulturalists, foli8 is the new online platform of the parent company, Planteria Group, an independent, family-run business with over 45-years of corporate planting experience. Planteria Group has worked with some of the most iconic London landmarks, from The Savory and The Landmark Hotel, to one of the most famous department stores in Knightsbridge. foli8 customers will now be able to receive the same stunning planting experience within their homes, as they would have seen in these world-renowned institutions.

Starting from just £9.50, the collection includes bold floor-standing plants such as the Dragon Tree ‘Cintho’, which can create a beautiful focal point in any living space, to plants that can evoke a sense of tranquillity including the Peace Lily; or even plants that absorb sound like the Philodendron ‘Imperial Green’ or Elephant Ear. foli8 have carefully curated a selection of plants, which are not only harmonious with living design but also appeal to a range of customers – including the unkillable plant selection for beginner plant parents.

Its innovative team comprises of plant stylists and biophilic designers, who can help homeowners select the right plants for their homes by having a collection of plants that are inspired by living design. Along with this, the care and maintenance technician and official plant scientist, Kenneth Freeman, will be offering advice to customers, in order to demystify plant care and debunk any myths.

Helping to create happy homes, foli8’s extensive range of plants come in a variety of colours, textures, shapes and sizes – and have sized matched decorative pots available to ensure your plant is watertight. Buy a plant to suit every interior with foli8.

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