How to: Get your property ready for sale

Selling a property is never easy. It’s a bit like hoping someone is going to buy your old car for way more money than you know it’s worth. But if you can overcome the feelings of being disingenuous when it comes to pretending your property is anything more than an okay-ish size in an okay-ish location, you might just be able to make a sale that will leave your eyes watering with glee all the way to the bank.

Let’s look at some tips on how you could get your property ready for sale so that when your viewers come to nose around your abode, you have more to show them than they may have thought would meet the eye.

Lighting solutions can make all the difference

Darkened corners and lost space can make a room feel half the length and width than listed on the blueprints. Consider installing LED neon lights for an instant lighting facelift that could see your property bathed in the proper lighting, opening up your rooms and helping to seal the deal on an early sale.

You will already be all too familiar with the existing dark areas of your home. Common issues include the hall, stairs, and landing because this entire space tends to be lit from just one light source. Addressing the problems now and making sure enough light is reaching anywhere that could otherwise leave a bad impression should be a priority. We recommend neon flex strips for an easy and effective transformation.

Touch-ups (inside and out)

First impressions can be made as many times as you like.

Now, read that again. And feel free to disagree with it 100%, because it is wrong. First impressions happen once and only once. If your house needs a lick of paint on the exterior, or if the hanging baskets next to your front door contain dead flowers, or if a section of wooden flooring in the hallway has a crack in it that you’ve gotten used to, you must take action.

Nobody wants to spot little telling detail after little telling detail, informing them that if you were happy to live with peeling paint, dead flowers, and cracked flooring, the rest of the house may have much deeper issues. Go room to room and apply fixes to the smallest things. You won’t regret it.

Some things you can’t do yourself…

Try as you might in your admirable efforts to fix up your property on a budget, sometimes you are going to have to call in the professionals.

This can start on the driveway, where uneven paving or an outdated look and feel could drive away potential buyers who are looking for a home that suits them and their modern tastes.

Indoors, you may have ongoing issues with shower pressure or a lack of available plug sockets where you need them most. Wherever you have spotted an inconvenient truth throughout your home, you can be sure that letting agents and people who come to view your home will be thinking the exact same thing (that these issues require solutions and that someone is going to have to pay for those solutions). Sort it all now before you miss out on a sale.

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